Top 100 Most voted Posts on Hive 2020-11-01

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Here is the Top 100 Most voted Post 2020-11-01

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1. 🥇439 Adventures in the Hub (5/5)-Bondage @litguru #wiriting
2. 🥈411 Lotus Love Sunday Editorial - A journey of experience for mental health. @naturalmedicine Natural Medicine
3. 🥉343 Testigo (Poema) @silher #spanish
4.275 Teaching Children The Real Love: I Witnessed An Absolutely Beautiful Scene This Evening. @unyime1 Education
5.265 How to blog every day even when you don't want to @themarkymark #blogging
6.207 🎃 Crypto Market Rollup - Bitcoin Up over 90% YtD, Thoughts on Central Bank Accumulation. @f0x-society HODL
7.204 Nanotech Poisoning Is Real... Beware! @earthcustodians #informationwar
8.194 Dia de los Muertos @azircon BDCommunity
9.191 Ewa za ladą. @grecki-bazar-ewy #engrave
10.166 Travel Digest #1017 @pinmapple Haveyoubeenhere
11.157 Interesting Street Art... @moemanmoesly Street Art
12.149 在前端中查询币价 / 网络研习社#74 @lemooljiang HIVE CN 中文社区
13.138 Golden Hour: stunning sunset over church in Opava @phortun #photography
14.137 HPUD - 3000 HP added in the last 4 days. @jk6276 LeoFinance
15.136 Das Super-Spreader-Event @leroy.linientreu #deutsch
16.133 Fluyendo con el universo de Asesor Turístico a Artista Digital / From Tourist Advisor to Digital Artist. Flowing with the Universe. @berlissanoja Loving HIVE ❤
17.133 The Largest Ethnic Groups In US Counties @markkujantunen GEMS
18.132 Delicada flor en el asfalto / Delicate flower on the asphalt / MONOMAD CHALLENGE @francyrios75 Black And White
20.129 BLOGGING CHALLENGE - Día #9: El mejor viaje de mi vida / Day #9: Best trip of my life. @maryed GEMS
21.128 Hand-poured Silver, part 20 @silversaver888 LeoFinance
22.126 Un día de mar, sol y arena 🌊🌴🐠 / A day of sea, sun and sand 🌊🌴🐠 @purrix Haveyoubeenhere
23.123 Walking the Lost Stream of Jalan Alor ~ 42nd Photo Chain Challenge @ainie.kashif Feel Good
24.120 Chorus @nachomolina GEMS
25.119 How to win friends and influence people of Dale Carnegie. HOW TO GET COOPERATION. @lanzjoseg Project HOPE
26.118 A Corner of Sunshine @violetmed Always a Flower
27.118 Game review: WRC 3: (FIA World Rally Championship) @franz54 Hive Gaming
28.112 Godless Communists @zayedsakib BDCommunity
29.111 Best Cryptocurrency to Buy 2020 / HPUD, Investments and Goals @shanibeer LeoFinance
30.107 A video chat is now more valuable than the world's largest oil producer @jondoe LeoFinance
31.105 A Bad Reputation, Insatiable Habits..! 🍒🙊 / Gouache Study @aishwarya Sketchbook
32.105 街景 Paris 06 @winniex HIVE CN 中文社区
33.103 We’ll Always Be Friends. @trangbaby Feel Good
34.103 I Think We Need Some Sort of Escape like LOL @diabolika #gaming
35.100 "Upside Down" -An NFT art with a Thatcher Effect(2/3 editions Left) / Price Dropped in NFT Showroom @jason04 OnChainArt
36.95 A Phenomenal Mosaic Mural [PhotoChain Challenge - 42th Edition] @trincowski StreetArt
37.94 Comebacks Sports Talk Social
38.91 Power Up October Bee 🐝 @brittandjosie LeoFinance
39.90 Dance contest week 169 @donatello Dance and music
40.90 Powering on up: joining the busy bees on 1 November 2020 @fionasfavourites LeoFinance
41.89 Pennywise in the neighborhood .... @offgridlife #halloween
42.88 Power Up Day – 1ro de Noviembre / November 1st #HPUD @rosana6 HiveVenezuela
43.85 Manchester United vs Arsenal Review: I REALLY enjoyed that @arsenal4life Sports Talk Social
44.83 TECHNOLOGY// Solar energy in the production of electrical energy @madridbg Project HOPE
45.80 BITCOIN Price on each HALLOWEEN White Paper Day! @originate LeoFinance
46.77 Infiltrate and Extract @prayzz BDCommunity
47.77 Our feelings can affect our general energy level! @globetrottergcc The City of Neoxian
48.76 Smoker lady / pen drawing ✒️ @riyadx GOAT.Gang
49.75 Hive Power Up Day / 1st November : Re-Aligning My Hive & LEO Goals @arrliinn LeoFinance
50.69 Canción de Peppino di Capri "Champagne" cover by @danieldedosd2 @danieldedosd2 HiveMusic
51.68 PhotoBlog 11012020 - Flowers are our constant Friends @long888 Photography Lovers
52.67 My Actifit Report Card: October 31 2020 @elizabethbit Actifit
53.67 Bee Part of the Swarm Honey Pot - 01 November 2020 - Open for Entries @russellstockley The CTP Swarm
54.67 LEO Whale Through HODLing From Day One Preparing For WLEO V2 @flauwy LeoFinance
55.66 Geez! Who's Dumping Hive at these prices?!?!?!?!?! @trumpman LeoFinance
56.65 OH RLY! @edicted LeoFinance
57.63 🦅[Eng-Esp] Flying High / Volando Alto.🦅 @lorennys Feathered Friends
58.63 It's just a test - Decentralized Homeschooling programs through Cryptonian Future? Decentralized Art within the Matrix? @luciannagy #powerhousecreatives
59.62 Crypto Queen Ep. 20: LIVE SUNDAY - KOINOS - a day in the life of Andrew Levine @littlescribe #podcast
60.59 Passing the HiveTorch (#135) - to a new member of Hive, Bertrand Jager @sorin.cristescu #hivetorch
61.59 [ESP] / [ENG] — Initiative HIVE Power Up Day- November 2020 @theresa16 GEMS
62.58 SCARRED LLAMA MAGE... Claim Your Airdrop @xabi LeoFinance
63.57 Power Up Day - 1st November (Lots of Hive plus a bit of Leo too) @dannewton LeoFinance
64.56 My First Hive Power Up Day and I Found Luke @maddogmike #ctp
65.55 📷 My Killstar Halloween Outfit 🎃 Happy Halloween! @vikisecrets Photography Lovers
66.52 Rosetones de papel para la celebración virtual del cumpleaños de mi hija @aurodivys Motherhood
67.52 Facetas de Halloween selfies by @davidcentenor @davidcentenor GEMS
68.51 Te soñé, una carta sin receptor.💓 @nayki77 GEMS
69.51 Gli occhiali del diavolo - 3° parte @mad-runner Olio di Balena
70.50 Горобці #20 (Sparrows #20) @gidlark Feathered Friends
71.50 Karamel (Türkce) @talaxy #tr
72.49 Maquillaje Halloween bruja Hive Blog🕸️🕸️🕷️/Halloween makeup witch Hive Blog🕸️🕷️ @marytp20 MakeUp Power
73.47 Secretos para CRECER en Hive @ambarvegas Loving HIVE ❤
74.47 CONCURSO #38 SOPA DE LETRAS - Tema: "Ciudades de América del Norte". Ronda 1 de 3 - Premios: 3 HBD + 5 cartas de Splinterlands - Vida @planosdeunacasa Splinterlands
75.44 Proyecto de costura ✂️ Pulpitos reversibles / Sewing Project ✂️ Reversible Octopus [ESP-ING] @karolines GEMS
77.43 The other Boleyn girl @lizzyblue2 Movies & TV Shows
78.42 Why Do You Need To Do Warm Up First? @rezoanulvibes Sports Talk Social
79.42 My Actifit Report Card: October 31 2020 @roger5120 Actifit
80.42 Makeup & Horror Storytime / The wolf woman🎃🔪 La Mujer Lobo[ESP-ENG] @georgelys MakeUp Power
81.42 Hive Power UP Day: Noviembre Ha Iniciado! 💪 [ENG/ESP] / #HPUD @victoriabsb HiveVenezuela
82.41 October LeoAds Report: This Month Generated 31% of Our Total Yearly Ad Revenue @leofinance LeoFinance
83.40 A veces @saraidiaz Cervantes
84.40 Makeup & Horror Storytime: Ilusiones @enmy MakeUp Power
85.40 Te amé @obandoduarte Cervantes
86.39 Hive Pick 4 Lotto Prize Payout 12.194 Hive 11/01/20 round 1 With Coin Flip games + Bonus Rewards! @ralph-rennoldson #games
87.38 LMAC #56: Halloween at Sleepy Hollow @agmoore Let's Make a Collage
88.38 🐝🐝🐝🐝Mi power-Up para Noviembre, 🐝🐝🐝🐝@mariajruizb @mariajruizb HiveVenezuela
89.37 The importance of music in terror movies @yonilkar GEMS
90.37 Düsseldorf at night before the lockdown... @indextrader24 #deutsch
91.35 Busy Saturday - Actifit: October 31, 2020 @flaxz Actifit
92.34 Garlic Galore, What We Need to Grow More? @thebigsweed Natural Medicine
93.34 Rutina Diaria #484 Fretboard Freedom Abm Voz 1 2 Y 3 Y Pentatónica Menor Ab Guitar Log @erick1 DTube
94.33 Mushrooms on the front lawn in the garden @postingkeys #mushrooms
95.33 ScaredyCatGuide to Real Estate: Not Finding Any Deals? 3 Ways to Find Potential Sellers @scaredycatguide LeoFinance
96.33 Der Steem und HIVE Preis am Sonntag/ der wahre Wert von Appics,STEEMIT,Hive,Tsu und Facebook! @der-prophet #deutsch
97.31 Deštivá / Rainy @bucipuci Actifit
98.30 🗞 Daily Crypto News & Video November, 1st💰 @vlemon HODL
99.30 Visiting The Old Home 👽 @alfonsoj Alien Art Hive
100.30 Ideas "jaladas" por los pelos / Combatiendo la Obsolescencia Programada @amaponian GEMS


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