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A compilation shining the spotlight on this week's awesome coffee posts from Cinnamon Cup Coffee members.
The selected authors share their passion through stories and photos, for their favourite black liquid gold, commonly called coffee, and some special meals that complimented it.

👐 Coming up, get affirmations that coffee is the cure for many things, including wobbly grumpy days;
Witness different kinds of Coffee Wagon conversions, from a Horse Box, to the back of a van.
Lovely photos of coffee, and recipes with cinnamon.
Stories of Coffee Mornings and Moonlight coffees;
Take a peek on the inside of the world's biggest Starbucks Coffee Roastery; Coffee with Sugarcane, to the collection of Wild Tea, and recipes for using tea as a natural sleeping aid, and much more.

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Coffee Is The Cure

"This morning was rather odd one. I was chatting with a friend about hive and then splinterland. Suddenly, the water in the glasses were moving, even the coffee I made the other night too. I looked around my room and the things were moving too. I panicked for a while and wanting to grab my laptop. In the end though, I went outside, to make sure I was not hallucinating. I have PTSD when it comes to earthquake so sometimes I am very alert when it comes to trembles or when the ground is moving. And my neighbors and housemate know this, so they often say that " It's probably just you". I went back inside but I was obviously skeptical." @macchiata

The Unwobbly Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Yesterday was a rather wobbly day for me - I ended up getting my grump-on and whilst it happens occasionally I tend to control it better than I did yesterday so, I wasn't pleased to have dealt with it poorly. I've forgiven myself of course; there's no point dwelling too much on the past - I learned something about myself though and am moving on."/> Today seemed like a perfect day to set those wobble-inducing thoughts aside and simply live life. I decided a good place to start was a café not too far from home where I knew I'd find a decent toasted sandwich and reasonable coffee." @galenkp

Horse Box Coffee Bliss

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "While we were in the Philippines running the dive shop we had a guest named George that was stuck in our town due to the whole covid lockdown scenario. He was also a diving instructor and when circumstances allowed us tomre open he did a spot of diving with us. Upon his return to the UK he set about converting a horse trilerminto a coffee shop. That’s right a horse trailer. Yup, into a coffee shop."/> And wow did he do a great job of it! As luck would have it he managed to get a pitch for his mobile liquid black gold sales wagon right on the side of a canal junction in Braunston. We just had to go and now that we are mobile again this was our first destination. @scubahead

Pogon Coffee Bar: The Best Coffee In Novi Sad Serbia

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Thanks to Mirai's visit to Novi Sad, I got to visit some new places as well and discover hidden gems of my own city. One of the best places we visited was Pogon coffee bar where we went almost every day during Mirai's stay in Novi Sad. Interior and exterior"/> First few days when we visited, weather was actually very nice so we could sit outside and enjoy our coffees. Then the cold and rainy weather arrived so we moved inside." @nikolina

To Me Who Bathes Coffee In The Moonlight

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I have grown to love the evenings again, but not because of staying up watching films or Youtube videos, or social media photos. My newfound love for moonlight shadows and coffee aroma resides in the stories behind my students' works. I have learned to find a piece of their spirits in their writings. It's a tug of war as a guy who bathes coffee in the moonlight." @eudadol "/>

Coffee Corner: Best Place To Get Brewed Coffee In Batayan

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "On the first morning on the island, we ordered the resort’s breakfast choices. Unfortunately, they served one of those instant coffees which still tasted good -- but not as much as the brewed ones :("/> On the second morning, as we went around town (we stayed in the Sta Fe area -- popularly for restos and cafes and the most active town on the entire island), I saw this cute little shop ~~ It’s called the Coffee Corner." @tangatraveller


The Real Java Monsters

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I awoke @ 4:30am. With intentions of consuming a Java Monster. While tapping out part three of The Java Monsters. I must say, this Java Monster Energy drink I am enjoying is not my regular flave, I have not been able to find the Swiss Mocha that I love so much. This flave is quite tasty. It has a definite kick to it, and a great vanilla flavor." @krazzytrukker "/>

Wheat Chica With Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "One of the most consumed desserts or drinks in my country (VENEZUELA), there are many variants of it. It is a drink that you get it frequently with a street vendor or not, in the street, low cost and comforting. It is almost like chocolate, it is rare that someone does not like chicha. I don't usually consume it much on the street, as it is not something I frequently consume and I believe in my abilities to say that many of the things I try on the street, I prepare better myself." @any94 "/>


My Cinnamon Coffee Today

"So... on this happy sunny October day (not like yesterday: misty and gloomy) my heart goes on! It was my wife who followed our babygirl to school today, and I stayed at home (have a lot of work for my job recently). We drank tea at breakfast ... and when my wife returned home, she brought a surprise! And not one, but two, two pleasant surprises. She loves to pamper me, and she knows how-to. On her way back, she walked into the lovely local Bonapé mini-bakery and bought a huge Napoleon-type cake (I love puff pastry, that's my weak spot :). Lately, we used to try how this cake is prepared in different cafes.It is delicious, when its prepared correctly. Needless to say, that it absolutely inspired me -- and triggered creating of a great coffee!" @qwerrie

To You Who Sips Coffee In The Morning

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I never loved mornings the way you do."/>

I’ve always been a nocturnal person, finding comfort in the pleasure of my thoughts at 2 AM and feeling the coldness of physical loneliness inside my room. This time of the day is where my inner self is the loudest, and I’m addicted to the sense of philosophical belongingness in midnight conversations.But for you, the morning is your friend. Maybe that’s why you love coffee because they go hand-in-hand together. I can picture you with a book in hand, sipping an americano embraced by the winds of trees around your house. I get how beautiful it must feel, but I always resort to extend my sleep and bury myself in the warmth of my bed." @eudadol

Delicious Coffee With Milk Accompanied With Biscuit

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I really like coffee and I decided to go for a walk with my older sister to see a new bakery, which many say is very beautiful.We went walking, in order to enjoy the ride and talking about life, we talked about what sweets we were going to buy, whether we would have coffee or juice, we laughed all the way, it was a very nice experience, I had time without going out with my sister. @davidpena21"/>

Cooking With Coffee: Coffee And Cinnamon Cookies

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Have you ever added the cinnamon powder to your coffee? If you have, you will know that this combination is delicious, so I decided to transfer these flavors by giving them cookie shapes, and believe me, the result was incredible. This is a very easy recipe to make." @chaodietas "/>

Having Coffee With My Close Friend

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "We made a date to meet at a cafe near where I live on Saturday. This cafe has been around for a long time, but I have never been here. That was the first time I came here with Trang. The cafe shop is located near a river, so the atmosphere is very fresh and airy. Everything around is beautiful. I think it will become our familiar dating place in the future.One of the many wonderful things about being in a cafe is the atmosphere. The walls are draped with colorful paintings and leaves, there's a nice smell coming from somewhere, and people are talking to each other having casual conversations. It feels good to be in a place where you can just enjoy a moment for what it is and not worry about what going on around you." @kimloan "/>

Hippo Cafe And Off Piste Ordering, The Art Of Being Awkward

"Once again I stopped off at the Wholesome Hippo Cafe again on my morning walk and did a bit of off piste ordering. My favourite coffee has always be a Cortado and it’s not on their menu so as the saying goes if you don’t ask you don’t get. It did take a little while not only to work out what a Cortado is but also what to charge as its not on the till selection but I did get exactly what I wanted and nicer than the local Costa too. The staff there are really accommodating and willing to take a bit of time over an order. A lot of places will just say they don’t do it but the girls there took the time to look it up and made a very nice Cortado." @diveratt


Coffee And The Beneficial Properties Of This Drink

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Coffee is not even gold and bitcoin or diamonds and diamonds, although it is coffee that is the second best-selling product in the world after oil. Such are the statistics in international trade, my friends.Do you, my friends, know such information? To get a lethal dose of caffeine for yourself (or, so to speak, commit suicide), you just need to drink a hundred cups of coffee. And right away. Did you know, my friends, that coffee with milk is very poorly absorbed during digestion due to the combination of tonin and casein. These substances are poorly digested in the body individually, and together can cause flatulence." @antikus369"/>

I Need To Get Back On The Coffee Wagon

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "These past few days I have been sleeping more than my usual hours. Normally, I sleep for like four to five hours at a stretch every night with maybe one or two restroom breaks. My sleeping pattern changed about a week ago, the reason being I tried to wean myself off coffee partially."/> I say partially because I do this every once in a while when I notice some subtle changes in my body's reaction to constant caffeine. Okay, I love to drink coffee. It's common knowledge that coffee is a stimulant that keeps the body alert, enhances concentration by increasing our energy dose and decreasing fatigue. " @kemmyb

My Delicious Coffee Drops

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Today when I went shopping after a day at work I passed the candy shelf and guess what I saw and what I had to buy."/>

As you can see, you must have already discovered because it was some coffee sweets that are so good that it is hard to resist them and as we cannot always have a cup of coffee if we eat some of these sweets we have prolonged moments of pleasure and still for On top, these sugarless candies are new coffee candies that have come out and are really delicious."@ricestrela

Visiting Starbucks Roastery Shangai With Me

"The first time I drunk coffee is when I was in kindergarten. So, as a human who lives with coffee as my energy drink, I really excited to visit this place. According to the articles that I read (and the information that I got at that place), this is the second-largest Starbucks Roastery in the world (the number one is in Chicago). I tell you something: it's amazingly huge! I think this building is the size of half the size of a football field (it can be excessive).

It's right in the shopping center/tourism district in Shanghai (that's why it's crowded). The building doesn't look like a coffee shop, it's more like a museum or art gallery (which is true)." @kingnamazu09

Wohoo! Unexpected Coffee Deals

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I mean, who doesn’t want a deal? My coffee budget for the week is gonna be under 9$ and I was expecting to spend that much. I asked “ is that medium or dark roast?. Then the cute barista replied, “ medium roast and you can also choose either you want it to be two Brazilian or with this Sulawesi”. I replied “ alright, here’s my card. I want one Brazilian and another Toraja Sapan Village”. The cashier swiped my card then said, “ that’d be 17.57$. My expression changed a bit as it was way above my coffee budget. But, then I was like, “ it’s okay that’ll last me for a while or I can share it with the neighbor who is a barista. And seem to fancy some foreign coffees." @macchiata "/>

Enjoy Sugarcane Coffee At Jameun Kupi

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "At jameun kupi we will enjoy coffee with a different concept. Different from coffee in other places, coffee at Jameun Kupi has a classic concept feel. At Jameun Kupi I ordered sugarcane coffee, which is coffee without sugar, the coffee is mixed with sugar cane juice.Sugarcane coffee is a way of drinking coffee from the ancient Acehnese, where sugar was very difficult to find in Aceh. So the Acehnese used to mix coffee with sugarcane juice so that the coffee would taste sweet." @yayan "/>


A Cup Of Sanger Espresso In Koppi Tomi

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Is this the right time to walk to a coffee shop to drink a cup of coffee? I think to drink a cup of coffee we can do it anytime and there is no limit. So, we need coffee to live a hard day. And the most important thing is always a balanced intake of coffee and mineral water in your body."/>

This time, I will tell you my experience about a local coffee shop that I visited today, that Koppi Tomi." @isdarmady

My History With Coffee

"When I was not a coffee drinker, but they invite me one in a house or took me to a coffee shop or bakery and out of courtesy I could not say no, because I asked for a coffee with milk or a cup of tea, but now that I drink coffee I drink it black or guayoyo with enough sugar, in fact my husband tells me that what I drink is sugar with coffee" @actioncats

A Coffee With The Best Company

"One of the things that I love to do on the weekend is to share with my younger brother, I really have a lot of fun with him, you have many occurrences which makes me laugh a lot. He is a coffee lover just like me, I know that it is not recommended to give it to children in excess and for that reason we don't give it to them very often, however he loves coffee with powdered or liquid milk, as you want to accompany it, just like me, it is our favorite coffee." @virgi2001

Coffee At Dawn And Random Ramblings

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "It's the weekend again and I remember promising myself I wouldn't do anything income-generating aside from Axie dailies and monitoring my trades. Anyway, I woke up around 5 am again this morning, had my cup of coffee and instant noodles since I'm lazy like that.. and after two hours, here I am with two drafts for Hive."/>

Anyway, yay for the weekend! And yay for coffee stimulating me once again!" @laviesm

Office Coffee Break On Saturdays

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Another weekend coffee-blog for a very hectic week! This week was one of the most exhausting weeks I've ever had this year! So I let myself indulge in a DIY coffee latte just this afternoon as a reward for completing all the deliverables I needed to comply."/>

This isn't your regular latte and not your regular dalgona too. Dalgona was known to be placed on top of the milk but this was different. Read on to know more about this spontaneous DIY coffee that spiced up my regular Saturday!" @nikkabomb

Bought A Coffee Lot

"Yesterday I just shopped for some of my daily needs, and without realizing it, I bought quite a lot of instant coffee. Initially I wanted to buy some snacks and coffee online at my subscription shop, Hari Hari Karya Bersama, but when I looked at the drinks section I unknowingly put quite a number of types of coffee into my shopping cart and when I wanted to check out my order I just realized that half a dozen of my groceries is instant coffee." @sweetest


Summer And Another Trip To The Forest

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Every time I go to the forest for Ivan-tea or other herbs (medicinal), then the mood becomes wonderful. You feel so good in the forest, the clean air is like balm. It is pleasant to collect Ivan-tea, there is a lot of it in the forest in the glades and edges. But one day it was at this place that I met wolves. They came out of the forest, but they did not catch my scent, because the wind was blowing from them." @antikus369 "/>

Cinnamon And Lemongrass Tea Before Sleeping


Enjoying The Summer With Nature Tea
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"This summer really make my throat hurt because of the shortage of drinking water or maybe excretion of the body are sweating constantly makes me easily tired and dehydrated. For that I have to really pay attention to the consumption of drinking water which is enough for the body. But even so, the summer when I need a refreshing drink. I make a drink that ingredienst derived from nature. Incidentally, the mint leaves in the house can be harvested." @aswita

Coffee Drinks At The Wedding Reception
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"I attended an invitation to a wedding reception at a place in my area. As soon as I arrived at the event, I saw the event was so luxurious and I was amazed. I went to the buffet table where dishes were prepared to be eaten together. I took a piece of meat and enjoyed a plate of rice. At the event which was held very luxuriously, while enjoying coffee we could see the beauty of the aisle decorations that were decorated in such a way. And it's very expensive for a single rental. And very good with tradition and culture of wedding reception for a princess and king." @afridany1

Coffee Car
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"This is a coffee car that only offers coffee drinks, namely black coffee and sanger or milk coffee. This coffee car was present when we were watching the rafting match. Since there are only two types of coffee drinks in the coffee car, we only ordered two coffees, milk or sanger." @yayan


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