Cinnamon Cup Coffee

A Virtual Coffee Shop For Hive Blockchain.

Our Virtual Coffee Shop is a creative space facilitating the sharing of all Coffee Posts, including the following:

- coffee vlogs,

- workshops for making coffee beverages and coffee shop pastries,

- coffee equipment usage and care,

- art fairs where you can showcase creative and diy alternatives and uses of coffee, including coffee art and designs.

We are always open for coffee lovers to pop by and share delights with other members across Hive BlockChain.

A Social Community for entertaining and informative topics on anything coffee related.

View the community blog feed here:

Owner @hive-152524


- Please post in English or include a translation to English.

- Please comment in English to foster interaction amongst community members and Hive.

- There is no word-count specification, however, posts over 250 words (In English), and at least 3 different photos are more likely to be promoted.

- All initiatives and posting topics must be coordinated and approved by the community admin.

- Spam and unethical online behaviour are prohibited

- Please be respectful and courteous to everyone

- Original content only, no plagiarism. Please cite relevant sources for all Coffee Facts and claims. Zero tolerance for Plagiarism.

- Recycled content will be disregarded in general

- **#SpillTheBeans Tag MUST only be used when participating in an active Community Initiative of Coffee Stories series. General usage of #spillthebeans tag should not be done. Post containing such tag will be muted!**

- Strictly NO Preaching of opinions about coffee. Posts of such nature will be ignored and muted without warning.

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