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A compilation shining the spotlight on this week's awesome coffee posts from Cinnamon Cup Coffee members.
The selected authors share their passion through stories and photos, for their favourite black liquid gold, commonly called coffee, and some special meals that complimented it.

👐 This week we have moments of gratitude for Hive as a facilitator to maintaining precious coffee habits; Coffee as the perfect treat after a long night of agony.
Evening coffee for a change; to Midnight coffee with snacks.
Discover different methods of brewing coffee using the V60 machine, and the Moka Pot, and take in some scenic views while salivating tempting coffee. Make sure to watch some entertaining and demonstrative vlogs on how to make unique coffee and tea blends.

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Hive And Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "There’s no coffee without Hive and there’s no Hive without coffee.I don’t know if you think the same way, but that is for me. Hive and coffee have always been with me from the last 4 years. Those are what fuels my boring mundane days into something more exciting. And what is more exciting is when I read posts mentioning how Hive has helped them and the things that they get from being on Hive.Even after countless times reading similar posts, it never bores me. It just convinces me more that this place works, this whole ecosystem is working." @macchiata "/>

The Treat

"A crust; I'll be honest and say that my treat was a little more substantial than that but I really liked that quote and so I ran with it. I wanted to get that out there right away - My treat was not a crust. Not even close, but I'm getting ahead of myself...Feeling a little worse for wear, sleepy, grumpy and in pain I headed to my café [not mine, just the one I go to a lot] deciding that lunch and coffee would be a nice treat to perk me up. I wasn't wrong.
I ate lunch then from somewhere inside the café I heard my name being called." @galenkp

Grouchy Coffee: A Tale Of Traffic And Woe

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Once upon a time, there was a woman who loved her coffee. Sometimes she had dreams of tuxedo shirt-wearing men delivering coffee to her each morning. Most mornings, she faced the reality of making her own coffee. Occasionally her eldest son would make her coffee, and those were very good days."/> On this particular morning, she was freshly showered and looking forward to the first cup of the day. The water was heating in the kettle when her youngest son said, "I'm heading to the bank. Would you like to join me for the drive?" The woman pondered long and hard between staying home to make her beloved coffee or joining her son for some fresh air and the drive. Hmmm....would she or wouldn't she?". @shinyobjects

Evening Coffee For A Change

"You know that feeling when you just really want a coffee even though it’s 7pm and you know it’s going to keep you up later? Well I couldn’t resist the temptation.
So here I am sitting by the fire with my warm leopard print mug of coffee and I’m happy!!! Isn’t that what life’s about?
Our coffee story actually started during the first hard lockdown in 2020. All the neighbours had been chatting on a WhatsApp group about what they were missing so I had mentioned a hot frothy latte from our local Seattle Coffee shop. We usually only drink tea at home and a “proper” coffee was a treat. So now we had been deprived of our treats for almost 2 months already.

After my comment a neighbour 2 roads down popped me a DM and said he had two coffee machines so I could use one of them until lockdown ended!!! How generous is that?" @zo3d

What Is The Best Coffee? Selecting & Preparing Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "As the great movie actor put it beautifully: The best drink is coffee. The best coffee is espresso. The best espresso is a double espresso. (Robert DeNiro). And this is the best saying about coffee. Truth? As Napoleon Bonaparte, a big coffee lover, said: I would rather suffer, but with coffee, than not feel, nothing at all. These are the true words of a person that well reflect the love for such a divine drink as coffee. Nice saying; I sit, drink coffee, and analyze." @antikus369 "/>

The Types Of Coffee Drink That We Know

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Coffee drink - Latte. This is a well-known coffee made in Italy. Whoever was in this country tasted it for sure. This drink is translated as - coffee with milk. As I understand it, this is just one of the varieties of Espresso. For me, it makes no difference that Espresso, Cappuccino, or this Latte drink. They are all prepared in the same way based on coffee and milk." @antikus369 "/>


Making Coffee In The Macchinetta

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "If you have an Italian family, you know that they are people who like to enjoy the good things in life like food to the fullest. That is why among their beverages, espresso coffee is their national emblem of which they are very proud.Espresso coffee is a concentrated coffee, strong, with a bitter taste. It is a coffee with a body, strong. For this reason, it is drunk in a small volume 1-2 ounces per cup."/> Espresso coffee was born in Italy at the beginning of the XX century, and there were many prototypes of "machines" to filter the coffee infusion until reaching the espresso coffee machines that we know today." @chaodietas

A Cup Of Coffee W/ V60 Brewing Method

"Method pour V60 is one method of brewing coffee that was popular at the coffee shop Indonesia. There are several things that affect the way brewed to be one of interest, the first appearance of the film “the philosophy of coffee” (coffee philosophy) in the year of 2015, awareness coffee lovers to drink better coffee, and the start of a lot of coffee shop manual brewing that compete with the coffee shop outside of good taste or the price that is not less." @isdarmady

Kopi Kenangan Is Worth Remembering

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Last week my two friends and I went together to a tavern, where this drink is a favorite of many people. Kopi Kenangan is the name and located in Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta. After ordering we also enjoyed a cup of coffee with a few packets of bread, we enjoyed it while talking about the increasingly difficult life. This coffee is known as Kopi Mantan because this idea makes Kopi Kenangan one of the idols for coffee lovers.I also ordered iced coffee from less sugar memories. Simply put, this is espresso + creamer + milk + palm sugar. The taste is surprisingly good, because the aroma of the coffee is really felt." "/> @tinaagustina

Excellent Experience Of Drinking Coffee At De Putro Cafe

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I was pretty busy in the last couples weeks as I was doctor in charge in isolation room for Covid-19 patients. I had to visit them everyday to examine and make a planning for them. Sometime I have to change regimens as most of them had not only Covid-19 infection but also other accompanying disease like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, congestive heart failure and gastrointestinal discomforts. So, I spent most of the time at the hospital. How about coffee?"/> As I am a coffee lover, I need to drink coffee every day, a cup or two, sometimes three cups." @razack-pulo


Afternoon Coffee And Cookies

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I like to drink a lot of coffee, whether it be in a small, medium or large cup.Today in the afternoon my mother prepared a delicious coffee, as it is customary to do it around three in the afternoon, it was a little light, but very tasty, so much so that I had already had about five cups of coffee, which It served to inspire me and create this post. On this occasion I wanted to share with you that my snack today was this delicious coffee accompanied with some delicious chocolate cookies." @davidpena21"/>

The Sensation Of Enjoying Arabica Coffee While Looking At The Natural Scenery

"The atmosphere of the trip is cold in the mountainous area. I kept going despite the cool air and a slight drizzle of the chill until it penetrated my jacket.We felt very tired, sleepy because we were riding motorbikes. However, we kept going because we didn't want to be late for our house. While on the way, my friend saw a shop on the side of the road. Yes, the shop is a shop that provides various types of coffee drinks for tourists who want to rest while enjoying the natural panorama that is still very beautiful behind the shop." @my451r

All Great Ideas Start With Coffee

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "One of the best coffee shop's I've ever been to! It's called "Hug the Mug" and it offers a great selection of products such as coffee and some sweet temptations!"/> What's a day for you without a cup of aromatic coffee drunk in the company of a friend or relative in a lovely place?" @gali7

Exquisite Frappuccino

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "These days in my city they inaugurated a bodegón and when that happens many people go to visit it. In this opportunity by invitation made by that friend, I could delight myself with a delicious Frappuccino Coffee and actually its exquisiteness and its beautiful presentation made me feel bathed in gold of many carats. @surglen "/>

Family Moments Enjoying Coffee And Cookies

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Enjoying coffee and cookies here at home, everyone likes it and tastes so good and I can tell you something is really good, the mix between the sweetness of the cookies and the intense aroma and flavor of a good hot coffee and, on top of that, in the family. It is to enjoy and enjoy this unique moment to the full." @ricestrela "/>

Midnight Snack: Blackcurrant Coffee And Some Cookies

<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "Lately I've been watching some old movies often, and usually if I watch it then I will prepare some snacks that will accompany me to watching movies, and not only snacks but I also provide my favorite drink which I usually drink every day, namely coffee. I prepared 3 snacks for me to eat and a glass of iced coffee. First for the coffee, tonight I prepared coffee from Nescafe which is Americano Ice Blackcurrant." @sweetest "/>


Afternoon Situation With A Cup Of Coffee
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<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "This afternoon I am enjoying with a cup coffee from my husband. He brewed me a Vietnamese drip with creamer."/> And simple snack Fried Banana. As always, i just need a sweetness but not too much because my face so sweet." @aswita

Bibitea Random Tea Number One & Enjoy Them With A Burger
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"Few days ago, i went and bought 7 random tea.
which i dont know what inside of each bag.
Sadly, they didnt put the name of the tea inside of the packaging.
So till the end, i still doesnt know what it is." @firayumni

First Time Trying Presotea
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"Sometimes we don't know how famous a brand is until we decide we want to try it, then do a search on the internet before buying a product from that brand.This time I tried a brand of tea called Presotea. While doing an internet search, I just realized that this is a pretty big brand. Coming from Taiwan and have done to several countries." @anggreklestari

How to Make Iced Matchapresso

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<img class="markdown-img-link" src=" "I was lazy to go to a cafe, so I made this drink. I can also adjust the sugar to my liking. I made Iced Matchapresso. You could easily make it. The ingredients you need :"/> Pure matcha, Milk, Coffee, and Sugar." @nnurdiani


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