A Cup Of Arabica Coffee With V60 Method Brewing

V60 Pour Method


Method pour V60 is one method of brewing coffee that was popular at the coffee shop Indonesia. There are several things that affect the way brewed to be one of interest, the first appearance of the film “the philosophy of coffee” (coffee philosophy) in the year of 2015, awareness coffee lovers to drink better coffee, and the start of a lot of coffee shop manual brewing that compete with the coffee shop outside of good taste or the price that is not less.

Method pour V60 deemed cheaper and affordable compared to the price of the coffee machine the millions, so the problem of the cost in buying equipment for coffee shop can be altered.

There are three types of coffee varieties commonly consumed in the world is Arabica, Robusta, Liberica. Robusta is grown at a height of 400 to 800 meters above sea level and 80% of the coffee supply in the world is robusta coffee. Robusta has a strong aroma and flavor, with the level of caffeine high. But it tends to be the same and there are no variations so robusta coffee regular fit mixed with sugar, milk, or creamer because it will create a sense of balance between coffee and sweetener.

Generally, the coffee used in the method of brewed V60 is the type of coffee varieties Arabica. Why use Arabica coffee ? because of the characteristics of arabica coffee very special. Arabica can only be planted altitude of 900 - 1600 meters above sea level and each place and the location has a different taste. Method pour V60 trusted coffee lovers will issue all the flavor characteristics of the coffee.

When brewing with the method V60 with a little sensitivity we can feel the difference every type of coffee we brewed. For example, in Indonesia there are several types of producer of arabica coffee is like, Gayo Coffee, Sidikalang Coffee, Lintong Coffee, Sipirok Coffee, Mandailing Coffee, Solok Coffee, Kerincif Coffee etc. Every area has different taste and a smell like Sipirok Coffee tends to have the scent of jackfruit and palm sugar, gayo coffee has the taste is not bitter, slightly sour but tasty consumed with milk.

How to Brew Coffee With v60 Method

This time I will give you tips on how to brew coffee with the method V60

Tools needed :

  • digital scales
  • thermometer
  • kattle drip
  • coffee dripper V60
  • coffee grinder
  • roasted coffee beans (I use arabica coffee from Sipirok-Indonesia)


How to brew:

  • prepare the filter paper to be used and watered in advance with hot water. To prevent scent of paper go into the taste of coffee is brewed.


  • Prepare the coffee beans which we will pour, I used arabica coffee sipirok, from the Situmba Village-Sipirok District South Tapanuli. I grind as much as 20 grams with the ratio of water and coffee (1:15), I use a coffee grinder medium. The results of coffee grinder greatly affect the taste of coffee, if the grinding is too fine to eat coffee will be more bitter, and if using a coffee grinder that is too coarse then the coffee will have a taste of the plain.



  • prepare a place of coffee and put the tool makers, v60 and filter paper that has been cleaned above and enter the coffee that has been ground earlier.

  • next we need a little bit of effort, pour hot water with a temperature of 85-88 degrees celsius from the middle part and then circular as much as 30-40 ml and wait for 30 seconds before pouring back. This process is called blooming because it is similar to blossom the goal is to dispose of waste carbon dioxide from the roasting process because usually use the V60 method must we use the coffee is still fresh and new.



  • when done brewing, don't pour hot water in a hurry to do it slowly and silence her, this went on for three minutes.


Brewing coffee with the method V60 is actually not too complicated and can be done by anyone without the need to become a barista but should pay attention to the things that are important

The result of steeping coffee with methods V60 is similar as the color of tea tend to be reddish-brown not black creature. This is because I also use roasted bean with the medium level.

The resulting flavor of the steeping method V60 has the taste of a clean, strong aroma. You have to consume it without sugar because we can feel the taste of fruits such as jackfruit and the sweetness of the fruit and there's still the taste of sour and bitter. Steeping coffee idea when we can balance the third main flavor.

Have your coffee today ?

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