Kopi Kenangan; The unique menu name is an attraction to be remembered.


Kopi Kenangan
Unique Menu Names Become Attractions

Hello coffee lovers..
How are you?
I hope everything is fine.

Last week my two friends and I went together to a tavern, where this drink is a favorite of many people. Kopi Kenangan is the name and located in Gandaria City Mall, South Jakarta. After ordering we also enjoyed a cup of coffee with a few packets of bread, we enjoyed it while talking about the increasingly difficult life.



This coffee is known as Kopi Mantan because this idea makes Kopi Kenangan one of the idols for coffee lovers, especially those who want to remember their ex, lol. Not only coffee but also other types of drinks, such as milo, chocolate, latte, and so on. In addition to drinks, Kopi Kenangan also provides various flavored breads.


I also ordered iced coffee from less sugar memories. Simply put, this is espresso + creamer + milk + palm sugar. The taste is surprisingly good, because the aroma of the coffee is really felt. And for the bread I ordered the smoked cheese flavor, it was delicious and enough to fill me up.


For those of you who want to try it, you can come to the Mall in your city, because Kopi Kenangan itself already has many outlets in various cities. Starting from one outlet in Kuningan, now Kopi Kenangan has more than 230 shops throughout Indonesia.


Ehmm.. how about trying?
Kopi Kenangan is worth remembering

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