The sensation of enjoying arabica coffee while looking at the natural scenery in Bener Meriah, Aceh, Indonesia


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This post is my first post in this community. In this post, I also want to share a short story of when we enjoyed coffee while enjoying the natural panorama. My motorbike continued to run through the road beside it around the hill. The atmosphere of the trip is cool because of the cold in the mountainous area. I kept going despite the cool air and a slight drizzle of the chill until it penetrated my jacket.


We felt very tired, sleepy because we were riding motorbikes. However, we kept going because we didn't want to be late for our house. While on the way, my friend saw a shop on the side of the road. Yes, the shop is a shop that provides various types of coffee drinks for tourists who want to rest while enjoying the natural panorama that is still very beautiful behind the shop.






The atmosphere was getting colder because the clock was already showing 12.00 WIB. We were very tired and hungry. And we decided to stop at the shop. The waiter greeted us with a happy face and invited us to sit in the place provided by the owner of the coffee shop.

Next, we were given a list of drinks and food menus. YES, because we were very sleepy during the trip, so we just ordered coffee. Arabica coffee we ordered. The owner coffee shop has its own characteristics in the presentation of coffee. After a while, the waiter came to take our order. Arabica coffee and brown sugar.





While enjoying arabica coffee at the shop. We also enjoyed the panorama behind the shop. The coffee shop turned out to be a very unique design. The owner of the shop provides tables and chairs for his guests to enjoy coffee and a very amazing panorama.

In addition, this coffee shop also provides a place for guests who want to see the coffee plant firsthand. Well, here we can't wait to see directly in the garden the coffee beans are growing very fertile. What's more interesting. All of these coffee plants do not use pesticides. Everything is organic, said the owner of the coffee shop and farm. I didn't waste this opportunity. I immediately took the camera and immediately took a picture.


After everything was done, we moved back to the motorbike that had been parked in front of the shop. We also said goodbye to the owner of the shop. And here are some pictures of the atmosphere in the coffee shop. Oh yes if you want to visit this coffee shop. The shop owner has also provided a google map. Click here to see it

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