How to Make Ice Matchapresso, Firts Time I am Making a Coffee

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I don't know the right name for the drink I made this. I made this drink with the material I had at home. I was lazy to go to a cafe. So, I made this drink. I can also adjust the sugar I used. I made ice coffee matcha latte. You could easily make it. The ingredients you need :

  1. Pure matcha
  2. Milk
  3. Coffee.
  4. Sugar.

Actually, you can creation as you wish. You don't have to shake coffee to get foam. You can by directly add a coffee when you've mixed milk, cube ice and matcha. You can free to react your idea.

You have to remember, don't use matcha too much. In the video that I share, I use too much matcha. It'll affect the taste. You better not use Mactha too much.

I've shared the inggredients and step to make this drink in this video. I'm sorry, if this video isn't too good. Because, I'm still learning to edit this video, hopefully you enjoy to watch this video.

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