🎵 Hive Open Mic 78: “Amante” | Weekly Update + New Spotlight Artist

Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.

🎵 Weekly Update

Celebrating 78 weeks of Hive Open Mic


The 78th consecutive Hive Open Mic event ran from October 3-9, 2021, with the theme: Amante (Lover in English). This theme was selected by Spotlight Artist: @franciscodesousa, who is a versatile musician, especially gifted as a guitarist. Let's begin our weekly recap with the song he shared this week.

Mujer Amante (Cover) by @franciscodesousa

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@franciscodesousa performs on the street side, entertaining all the neighborhood cats and dogs. I like the way he displays himself visually by color-adjusting the video, enabling him to standout from the background. I appreciate the various ways videos allow musicians to express. Artistry is always appreciated here. Song by by Rata Blanca.

"Excelente interpretación y el sonido de la guitarra fenomenal."@cochanet

"¡Genial hermano! como siempre tu trabajo me deja cautivado, el sonido de tu guitarra se oye muy uniforme y armonioso, tu voz acompañando la guitarra es sumamente genial."@daniel2001

🌟 Spotlight Artist

Enamoramiento (Cover) by @elmusiquito

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@elmusiquito brings his charisma to each of the songs he shares here. I'm grateful to get to know his personality through his introductory words, outfit, dancing, facial expressions, and energetic singing. His triumphant shout at the 1:58 mark is fantastic! Him musicianship is a real gift to witness and I'm grateful to see and hear it. Song by Reinaldo Armas.

"Excelente interpretación @elmusiquito, eres muy bueno en el canto, puedes adaptarte a cualquier genero musical y este te quedo muy bien, esperemos y más personas logren verte. Bendiciones"🙏🏻🤗🎶 —@cochanet

"Your free expression before even starting got me attracted more to the wait till the start of the song. You did well boss."@mayorkeys

"Una cancion divertida, por supuesto, e interpretacion muy agradable. Que bien tener los talentos como a ti en Hive Open Mic."@mipiano

I am pleased to acknowledge this musician as this week's Spotlight Artist. As a token of appreciation, I'm happy to invite him to choose our community's Hive Open Mic theme for our upcoming week 83. @elmusiquito, please choose a theme that will inspire and enliven us as we explore new territory as artists. Just name it in the comments below, and we're good to go!

💛 Pillar of the Community

This week, we continue our new tradition of rewarding for a person who is particularly respectful and influential. This special recognition goes toward someone who serves as an active audience member, offering applause and encouragement to musicians. It is with Great Spirit that I announce our next "Pillar of the Community": @musicandreview.

I am thankful to these two musicians for the friendship they extend throughout this community. Their comments are often deeply meaningful, far beyond the surface-level words of flattery. Their words are the kind that build real relationships. I feel true friendship in them. As a special recognition, we are pinning their post at the top of our community page.

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🔥 Bright Newcomers

Your Love (Cover) by @me2selah

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@me2selah shares her very pretty singing, and she shows the community spirit through her friendly comments. According to the numerous replies she received, it like many of us are glad for her arrival here.

"Ow, wow, what a beautiful participation, this was so sweet @me2selah. Welcome to the community, you will enrich this place with your voice and your presence. I wish you a lot of joy and success, and great musical moments shared with other participants. We highly recommend interaction and active listening, so that way we appreciate the work of the others too. Once again, welcome, I enjoyed your singing a lot!" 🎶 —@mipiano

"Hey friend! This is beautiful. Your voice is so sublime and has filled me with peace. Thank you very much for sharing your talent. I had not listened to you, but now you have captivated me and I will not miss your tickets anymore. Greetings from Venezuela..."@jesuslnrs

"Welcome to this community my dear friend. I told you that they are all good here. Let us sing here all the time and show our support to all community members."@olivia08

"Que hermosa voz tienes y sentí muy bonito al escucharte aunque no es mi idioma pero la música no entiende de idiomas saludos."@lois2021

"Tienes una hermosa voz, @me2selah, y transmites mucho sentimiento con ella. Me gustó mucho escucharte. Te deseo éxitos."@sayury

Connecting the Dots (Original) by @iamdarrenclaxton

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@iamdarrenclaxton arrives with a fantastic original song.

"Oh, my, what a quality, I knew it already from some of your music videos from the past, but listening to you here in Hive Open Mic definitely brings me a lot of joy. And peace, with this song of yours."@mipiano

Love Song (Cover) by @paolazun

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@paolazun delivers a well-written love song. It's a great choice for this week's occasion, and it's a great introduction to this song carrier's beautiful singing and dancing. It brings me joy to see begin knowing her. Song by The Cure.

"¡Bravo, bravo bravo!... Felicitaciones por esta entrada tan energica y empapada del tema de la semana "Amantes". Que voz tan maravillosa."@jesuslnrs

Primera Vez / First Time (Cover) by @lois2021

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@lois2021 sings and plays with a tenderness and sweetness. He shows a lot of musical talent, and I'm grateful to listen. Song by Ricardo Arjona.

Basic Minor Chord Melody + Basic Neo Soul Guitar Expression (Original) by @davidbolu34

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@davidbolu34 shows his flow with an improvisational freestyle performance on electric guitar.

"First time here, welcome boss. Your picking sounds professional, I hail thee 😁 I hope to know how to play guitar like this."@mayorkeys

Mi gloria es tu condena / My glory is your sentence (Cover) by @luisalois

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@luisalois gives a song an exciting visual display by incorporating her body motion into the music. I like seeing her active hands, along with her hair playing in the air. The song she's sharing feels energetic in this way, and full of passion. And of course your singing is a pleasure to hear. Fun!

"Waoo que linda y esa voz que tiene esa fuerza expectacular, te felicito eres lomaximo, saludos."@betzaelcorvo

My Love (Cover) by @kemal13

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@kemal13 brings his great singing, delivering a song with a meaningful message. Song by Westlife.

"I traveled in time with this song, good job man" 👊😎🔥🎙️🎶 —@fernanblog

"I like your voice, which has a gentle colour! The song is very nice too, good to listen to you! Once again, welcome, and the best way to get you known in the community is to meet the other members, interact with them. We highly recommend that, active listening and interaction! Wishing you a lot of success!" :) —@mipiano

Speak Softly Love (Cover) by @olivia08

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@olivia08 offers a familiar melody, holding a classic feeling through its ancient sound. To me, it is stunningly beautiful in the way she sings it.

"What a memorable song for you, remembering those days with your parents you loved so much."@jurich60

40 y 20 (Cover) by @chevir

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@chevir joins us for the first time. I'm glad to get to know him through his singing. Song by José José.

💎 Precious Gems

Te Amaré / I Will Love You (Cover) by @davidcentenor

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@davidcentenor gives us another masterful performance. This guitar chord progression is exquisite. Impressively, he plays the intricate guitar part with ease, even as he sings so handsomely. Song by Silvio Rodríguez.

"Una de mis favoritas de Silvio, gracias por esa interpretación tan hermosa, siempre brindando momentos especiales con tu voz. Un abrazo gigante."@zullyscott

"Hermano!! Wow!!, Sin palabras. Realmente consigues un hermoso sonido redondo en la guitarra, que lo complementas con tu voz, que a demás si hablamos de afinación ella no se queda atrás. Sin mencionar la calidad de sonido que produces, y la armonía que se genera cuando ambas combinaciones (guitarra - voz) coordinan entre si. Un saludo mi amigo, de verdad me pareció muy espectacular tu interpretación, te deseo muchas bendiciones!!! Un abrazo!!!" —jorge234nv

"Está canción esta llena de un sentimiento increíble. Una de mis favoritas, pues Silvio solo sabe regalar poesía pura. Gracias por traerla al #OpenMic."@jhoxiris

"¡Maestro el sonido de tu guitarra es genial! la manera en la que transmites alegría en cada presentación musical es única y eso es lo más importante, no había escuchado ésta pieza pero siempre que traes alguna pieza tú música llega a los corazones de cada uno de los oyentes."@daniel2001

Verde Pasión (Original) by @jaredkhamanah

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@jaredkhamanah offers a superb original song. I totally relate with the song's storytelling element, as I relate with the message. In this post, the artist shows his innovation, craftsmanship, personality, and connection... So much to admire and appreciate. I'm thankful.

"Bravoooo, gran estilo y exelente canto! Yo que no soy muy fan del romanticismo o las canciones de despecho de verdad me llego. Es increíble como te inspiraste en la historia de otra persona para componer, de verdad admiro mucho eso. Gracias por la bella música." 🤩🤟🙏🎶 —@naradamoon

Amnesia (Cover) by @esteliopadilla

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@esteliopadilla carries a song that is stunningly beautiful, carrying it in his admirably flavorful way. Song by Chico Navarro of Argentina.

"Bárbaro como siempre profe. Felicidades de verdad."@melor9

Always Remember Us This Way (Cover) by @chaste-music

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@chaste-music carries an epic ballad about the creative spirit. It's a song about artists who share their hearts, and lovers who make themselves vulnerable, open, exploring freedom... This song seems to deliver all of these stories in one. Song by Lady Gaga

"@chaste-music, the star 😍 Yeah, a nice song, loved it along with your super singing."@mipiano

Contigo En La Distancia / With You In The Distance (Cover) by @jesuslnrs

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@jesuslnrs brings us a terrific song, teaming up with his dad. This singing is stunningly handsome, and I like the soft presence of the guitar, giving just enough of the musical tone to let the voice stand out. Song by Cesar Portillo de la Cruz.

"Querido amigo para nosotros es un honor verte cada semana, siempre estamos pendientes porque haces tan bonito trabajo, con tanto amor y entrega. Tu interpretación de esta semana fue sublime con lindos vibratos y un excelente perfomance que es algo que a ti te caracteriza muchísimo y realmente amamos. Dios te Bendiga siempre y a tu querido padre" 🤗💪🥰🙏 —@musicandreview

"Que hermosa interpretación @jesuslnrs de verdad que me encanto muchísimo y de nuevo acompañado del mejor, esa combinación con el acompañamiento de la guitarra les quedo genial, Dios siga bendiciendo tu talento." 🙏🏻🤗🥰 —@cochanet

"Como siempre haciendo un gran trabajo mi amor, llenando este espacio con tu talento, ¡Te Amo!"@jhoxiris

"Muy bien apreciado amigo. Te felicito. Sigue así @jesuslnrs"@jpulido0306

"Excellent!! Beautiful voice! I don't understand Spanish, but thank you for the translation of the song lyrics." :) —@me2selah

🤗 "Oh muy buena presentación, Dios le bendiga"@ruthlopez

"Excelente amigo, que gran presentación, saludos compaito, un abrazo fraterno."@davidcentenor

Antología (Cover) by @estebanuto

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@estebanuto brings the music through in a brilliant way. I'm grateful to hear this hit song for the first time. Song by Shakira.

"De Shakira esta fue la canción con que la conocí, y es una de mis favoritas y se que a mi cuñado @jesuslnrs también, ya que es su fan número 1, buena interpretación y buena elección en el tema, te felicito. Bendiciones 🙏🏻🤗" —@cochanet

Tú Ya Sabes Cómo / You Already Know How (Cover) by @rayjose

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@rayjose shows his sophistication on the guitar, working his way across the fretboard. He is a talented guitarist, and his singing voice is remarkably smooth and so strong. Song by Carlos Cuevas of Mexico.

"¡Bravo maestro!. Siempre disfruto sus entradas. Es un músico excelente. Por supuesto este género musical le queda muy bien y es ejemplo para nosotros los más jóvenes. Un abrazo para usted y feliz día..."@jesuslnrs

"Bendecido día caballero. Que hermosa interpretacion ha presentado, he quedado cautivada. Su manera de tocar y cantar me recuerda a esos años dorados del tango y el bolero. Feliz de haber visitado su trabajo el dia de hoy."@lasembradora

"Mi estimado usted simplemente es magia total, es una persona muy talentosa en todos los aspectos musicales. Que voooz y que manera de tocar esa guitarra. Le mandamos un abrazo" 💫🙏🤗⚡ —@musicandreview

"Es algo mágico escuchar su toque de guitarra, acompañado de su potente voz, de verdad que fue muy grato escucharlo. Bendiciones." 🙏🏻🤗🎶 —@cochanet

👏👏👏👏👏 "tremendo artista es usted amigo, mis respetos, éxitos" 👊😎🔥🎸🎶 —@fernanblog


⭐ Acknowledgements

Today's weekly update showcases a small selection of songs that stand out to me personally. Numerous other songs can be explored and enjoyed, beyond this list of newcomers and gems. My intention is to acknowledge the excellent artistry, the supportive community involvement, and above all else: Global Harmony—this is what our community stands for.

Behind the scenes, Hive Open Mic moderators devote many hours each week to listening, commenting, curating, and creating for this community. The moderation task is a big undertaking, and I'm thankful to @mipiano and @jesuslnrs for their active involvement. Additional thanks goes to the OCD Community Incubation Program, who rewards our musicians with generous upvotes.

I am grateful to every musician who expressed themselves this week through the Hive Open Mic community. It is beautiful to witness the connections we create through the songs we carry and share. I believe the entire world benefits through the harmony that music gives to us. I especially appreciate the listeners who support the musicians, through claps, finger snaps, upvotes, and encouraging words. Thank you.

🌞 Invitation


Hive Open Mic - Week 79 is underway now.

This week's invitation is: “Mirrors on Earth.”


Join in. Enjoy!

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