Maple and Pecan Matchmakers

Here we are, the last flavour of the Matchmakers I have managed to get my hands on. Limited edition maple and pecan flavour.


Maple and Pecan Matchmakers

”Maple and pecan flavour chocolates with skimmed milk chocolate, dark chocolate and boiled sugar pieces."

These ones had a really strong smell, just like the Salted Caramel Matchmakers, but when I say strong, I mean really strong. Even worse than the salted caramel ones. The taste of these was not good either. Even though I know with other Matchmaker flavours, for some reason I expected this to have small broken up pieces of pecan in the chocolate. No such luck! These had no nuts in there whatsoever. All there was, was the flavouring in the boiled sugar pieces and this tasted really cheap and nasty. So glad these are limited edition… these should not be on the shelves any longer.

I was really looking forward to try these ones, especially when I saw they were limited edition. With the experience I had, it’s best to bypass this box altogether and stick to the classic of the mint and the orange ones. I could only manage a couple of sticks and I told my husband I didn’t want anymore. Either he had to eat them there and then, or put them in the bin. They smelled bad and tasted bad! Just NO!!

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