Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashells

I see chocolate seashells!

Chocoholics dream come true with these creatures.


Guylian Belgian Chocolate Seashells

”Finest Belgian chocolates with hazelnut pralinè filling."

I love these. The look of them and the taste of them. Everyone recognises the famous chocolate seahorse too! What I like about these is that each seashell has a beautiful shiny chocolate coating, and once you bite through that, you get the rich, Belgian chocolate flavour. I love chocolate, buy you can’t beat Belgian chocolate. It’s the best. The worst is American chocolate. It tastes like puke! I’d rather go without chocolate for good if American chocolate was the only one around. Anyway, back to the seashells. I like the way the seashells come in two different chocolate colours too. I’m pretty sure they are the same recipe, but I swear they do taste slightly different from one another. I think the slightly darker ones taste a bit richer. Maybe because the lighter ones have slightly more milk chocolate round the outside? I don’t know. All I know is that whenever they are on offer, I ask my hubby to get me a box or three so I always have some to hand then all I want is good quality, melt in the mouth chocolate.

I can’t tell you how many boxes of these Guylian chocolate seashells I have had recently. Especially when I had them in the summer months and we had a heatwave. The chocolate went pretty gooey. I don’t mind that as I love warm chocolate. I think it really brings out that rich chocolate flavour. I can’t stand it when people put chocolate in the fridge or worst still the freezer! Firstly, who want’s to run the risk go breaking your teeth on a piece of chocolate, and secondly, just why?? Gives it no taste at all! Same as those people who order a steak and ask it to be well done AKA cremated!! It’s just wrong on so many levels!

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