Tesco Maple & Pecan Plait

Yum! Delicious Maple and Pecan!

I do love sweets and pastries from the bakery. I’ve had a few maple danishes in my time, so I decided to give this one a go. Hopefully this is going to be one pleasant and delectable sweet pastry.


Tesco Maple & Pecan Plait

”2 Pastries with maple syrup filling and pecan nuts.
Freshly baked in store, this delicious Maple Pecan Plait is made with 24 layers of light and flaky pastry, filled with sweet maple syrup and topped with roasted pecans. The perfect treat to accompany a hot drink at home, or easy to eat whilst on the go."


When I picked the pastries, I always look fro the ones that have loads of filling and where the pastry isn’t over done or under baked. I don’t like pastries that are so pale they look anaemic. The pack I picked out had a good array of pecans on top and the pastry was a deep golden colour. I did pick a good one. When I took my first bite, the pastry was so light and flaky. I like it when you get a feint crunch sound as you bite in. The corners had filling in, but boy… when I got to the middle… all my dreams came at once. The maple syrup filling was thick and molten. You really got the flavour of the maple coming through. The top of the pastry had some sort of glaze on it and that with the pecans and the maple filling gave everything such a sweet, caramel nutty flavour.

This was delicious and in typical ’me style’ I ate both of them. No one else was going to get a look in because they were so good. I decided next time I have these, I am going to put them in the oven to warm through and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My mouth is water ing at the thought of that now. Best i wait until the weekend!

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