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What is Ecency?

Ecency is a blockchain based decentralized social network - powered by Hive.

Ecency is home of free speech and rewarding communities for content creators with true/full ownership.

Project is founded by Feruz Muradov in August 2016 as an alternative social network that's uncensored, user controled, immutable and opensource. There are many independent and voluntary contributors who work together to bring the vision to masses.

Ecency is hub of communities powered by cutting edge technology where users are getting paid for their time, resources and learn while having complete control over their account, communities and content. Through ease of use, users not only learn but also become investors, innovators of the new internet.

What's the difference from other Social Networks?

The primary difference, Ecency is based on a blockchain which means content is immutable and uncensorable. You own your community and account, nobody but you have full control of your data. Empowering true free speech. Ecency is also opensource, rewarding and innovative, built and owned by users. Aspire for greatness!

What is Hive blockchain?

Hive is a blockchain that was designed to be fast, feeless, decentralized, uncensored platform for Web3.0 applications, with built-in features where stake holders can earn rewards by staking, curating, posting, playing games, trading - all without any middle man (decentralized). Tokens on Hive blockchain called HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER.

Why would I choose Ecency?

Tailored feature set to empower you to create, inspire your audience and community. Ecency mobile application giving you on-go solution. With desktop app you are always sure to get uncensored content right from the blockchain, with website reach thousands of readers accross globe with best ranked content on search engines. State of art security measures so your keys will always stay encrypted and out of reach for ill-intentioned individuals. Fast and beautiful website, helps you to get discovered online and gain exposure for your content and gain loyal followers and readers. Build your community with Ecency today and take advantages of emerging blockchain technology and uncensored content, true free speech!

How does Ecency work?

Ecency stores and reads data from the blockchain, and thus data is accessible and uncensored. Ecency rewards content creators with built-in incentive mechanism of blockchain, with tokens (HIVE, HIVE DOLLARS, HIVE POWER) as well as Points. Tokens can be purchased and sold in major cryptocurrency exchanges (e.g. Binance, Bittrex). Points could be utilized within platform and traded for goods, services.

How to join Ecency?

Go to and create an account. After signup you will receive email with further instructions. Your password is your master password to your account. Please store it safely, if you loose your password, you ultimately loose access to your account and your funds. Accounts cannot be deactivated or deleted, account names can not be changed as well. The account along with all of its activity is permanently stored in the blockchain. Without password, accounts cannot be restored, store your keys safely.

Can I change my username?

Account names on Ecency and Hive blockchain can not be changed. If you would like a new account name, you can create new account.

Can I delete or deactivate my account?

Accounts on Ecency can not be deactivated or deleted. The account along with all of its activity is permanently stored in the Hive blockchain.

How to sign in to Ecency?

You can sign-in to Ecency by using your Username and Master password or by using Active Private Keys. We take security very seriously, that's why we never store your private keys, on mobile app they are encrypted with extra PIN code of your choice, on website they are never stored. You can also use Hivesigner OAuth2 authentication service to easily login, manage and perform actions.

What is Hivesigner?

When you registered on Hive, you were provided with numerous keys that are difficult to recall. The purpose of Hivesigner is to allow you to generate a password that is memorable to you and to safeguard against using your active key when logging into Hive platforms.

What is Keychain?

Hive Keychain is a wallet browser extension for the Hive blockchain and cryptocurrency and allows users to securely log into and access multiple Hive-based platforms. It is available for Chrome, Brave, and Firefox.

Why are there different keys?

There are different keys with the appropriate permissions for what you are doing.

  • Posting keys - this key should be used for social networking actions, like posting, commenting and voting. This key has a limited set of permissions and it is not able to be used for monetary actions. So you can't lose money if someone else gets access to this key.
  • Active key - this key has additional permissions for more sensitive monetary-related actions, like transferring and exchanging tokens. When performing a wallet related action, you may be prompted to authenticate with your Active key. You should only enter your Active Key into apps which you trust because anyone with access to this key can take your tokens. Do yourself a favor and store this key safely to avoid losing tokens in the future.
  • Owner key - is the most powerful key because it can change any key of an account, including the owner key. Ideally it is meant to be stored offline, and only used to recover a compromised account.

How to contribute to the Ecency?

Our awesome contributors helping us to shape Ecency. You can be part of this great movement, by joining our Translation team: Website, Mobile or by contributing with Ideas, Developing, Designing, Social media outreach skills. We try our best to support our contributors!

How referral system work on Ecency?

Referral system is simple, you can invite your friends by adding your username in this link and share it with your friends. Once your friends join Ecency and earn their first 250 Points, you will earn 100 Points. There is no limits on referrals and its reward.

What are referrals?

Your referral link is a shareable link that can be used to invite friends to the platform. You can view a list of all the users you have referred to Ecency, and access your referral link and other details by clicking on `Referrals` below your cover photo.

What kind of information is shown on my profile?

The initial details displayed alongside your picture include your reputation score, display name, and description. Below that, you can find information about your followers, the accounts you are following, and your registration date on Ecency. In the Ecency settings, you can choose to add additional details such as your bio, profile picture, cover image, and location.

What is Ecency wallet?

Ecency wallet is is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows Ecency community to manage their Hive, HBD, Hive Power, Savings and other different tokens. So a Ecency wallet provides all the features that are necessary for safe and secure transfers.

What are Ecency Points and how to use them?

Ecency Points are continually minted and rewarded for all users for various social activities they perform on website, mobile or desktop app. Points can be used for promoting, take Ecency delegation, can even be transferred or gifted to another user. You can also purchase Points with our mobile apps.



Where do the tokens come from?

The Hive network continually creates new digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to platform by posting, commenting, and voting on other people's posts. The remainder is distributed to holders of HIVE POWER and the witnesses that secures the blockchain.

What can I do with my Hive tokens?

In the Ecency wallet, you can perform various operations on your Hives:

  • Transfer- If you want to Transfer your Hive to someone, you can select Transfer and fill in the account name and amount of Hives to Transfer it.
  • Transfer to Savings- By transferring your Hive to Savings, you will get annual Interest from them.
  • Power Up- When powered up, your HIVE becomes staked and converts to HIVE Power, which increases your voting power and resource credits on the blockchain. You can Power Up Hive and Save it in your Account or Transfer it to other accounts as Hive Power through filling account name field.
  • Trade Token- Clicking on it redirects you the Ecency Market Page where you can exchange tokens. Hive can be Swapped to HBD wihtout waiting period 3,5 days.

What determines the value of HIVE and HBD?

The value of HIVE comes from the demand and supply of the token. HIVE will always be in demand based on the way the system is designed and there will always be supply for HIVE. As long as the Hive blockchain exists with continuous development and users being active, there will always be demand and supply for HIVE, adding value to the token.

What are HIVE tokens?

HIVE tokens are tradable and can be transferred at any time. They can also be converted into Hive Power through a process known as powering up or staking HIVE. HIVE is a type of cryptocurrency token, similar to Bitcoin.


Hive Power refers to tokens of influence that increase in value when held for a longer period and used for voting on content. The greater the amount of Hive Power one possesses, the greater their ability to impact the rewards of others and earn rewards through accurate voting. Hive Power is obtained by staking HIVE tokens, which can be withdrawn after a 13-week period.


Hive Dollars, often shortened as HBD, are tokens equivalent to approximately $1.00 worth of HIVE. These tokens can be exchanged for HIVE and can be transferred to other accounts for commercial purposes or trading. Additionally, Hive Dollars can be converted into HIVE, but this conversion process takes around 3.5 days.

What is delegated Hive Power?

Users can delegate Hive Power to other users, allowing them to have the same benefits and privileges as if they had their own Hive Power. This includes having their Resource Credits, content votes, and curation rewards calculated based on the delegated Hive Power. However, users who receive delegated Hive Power cannot power down or withdraw it as it still belongs to the original owner.

What is powering up?

You have the option to increase the power of your earned Hive tokens by converting them into Hive Power. This process involves keeping your HIVE tokens in your wallet and converting them into HIVE Power, which in turn boosts your voting power and resource credits on the blockchain. By having more Hive Power, you can earn higher curation rewards and receive additional vested tokens. Additionally, possessing more HP gives you greater influence in approving Hive witnesses.

What is powering down?

You can both power up and power down Hive Power using the same wallets. However, when you choose to power down, your Hive Power will not be immediately accessible as Hive. Instead, it will be converted into 13 equal parts and transferred to your Hive wallet on a weekly basis. The first portion will only be available one week after the power down process has been initiated.

What does the Savings mean in my wallet?

You have the option to generate income from your current Hive or HBD holdings without needing to convert them into Hive Power. By moving Hive or HBD from your balance to Savings, you can receive an annual interest rate of 20% APR. Although you can withdraw it whenever you want, there is a 3-day waiting period for balance withdrawals.

What is the HIVE engine?

Hive Engine is a platform that operates as smart contracts side-chain for the Hive blockchain. It serves as a decentralized marketplace for the trading of tokens on the Hive blockchain and other cryptocurrency networks. Users have the ability to perform various functions on Hive Engine, such as generating and distributing custom tokens, establishing liquidity pools with integrated rewards, forming tokenized communities known as outposts with built-in token reward systems, producing NFTs, creating decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) called Decentralized Token Fund (DTF), initiating airdrops, claiming drops, engaging in token mining, and more.

What is staking?

Staking is depositing a token in your wallet and receiving rewards for not selling it while it is staked. It is a process that involves committing your tokens to support a blockchain network. Staking is an easy way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency holdings. If a token you own allows staking you can “stake” some of your holdings and earn a percentage-rate reward over time.

How to stake tokens?

Details regarding your tokens, including the types and quantities, as well as their potential uses, are available in your wallet. It's important to note that not all tokens are eligible for staking. If you're interested in staking, make sure to verify the staking eligibility of a specific token by selecting it in your wallet. If it can be staked, there should be a staking option available. Simply click on it and input the desired amount of tokens to be staked in your wallet.

How Market works on Ecency?

The market is a decentralized platform for trading tokens on the Hive blockchain. In the Ecency Market, users can access comprehensive details about Hive sales, purchase history, current price offers, and demands in chart format.

How to swap funds?

You can carry out different tasks with your tokens by selecting the Market option on the main page. Initially, you can convert Hive to HBD or HBD to Hive instantly and without any fees, without having to wait for 3.5 days.

What are Resource Credits?

Transacting on the Hive blockchain has zero fees, transaction rate-limiting is employed to safeguard the blockchain from spam attacks. Every action that you take on the blockchain will consume a small amount of Resource Credits. This includes posting, commenting, voting, transferring tokens, etc. Viewing content does not consume Resource Credits.

Every user has a limited amount of Resource Credits to use each week. The more transactions a user does, the less Resource Credits they will have left (until they recharge). Users with more HIVE POWER will have more Resource Credits.

If you run out of Resource Credits, you will be unable to transact with the blockchain until your Resource Credits recharge (happens automatically) or you acquire additional HIVE POWER to increase your Resource Credit balance or you can request Boosting account from Ecency to receive temporary delegation.

What's possible with my current available RC?

Below your username, there is a brief description of your RC. Click on the bottom of this information. You will have complete details on how many RC you have, your RC delegations, and how many activities you can perform with your existing RC.

What is delegating RC?

If you have extra RC that you don't use you can delegate your RC. It recharges during the time so you don't loose anyting. You can't delegate all your RC (and end up with 0 RC). RC give extra recoursec to perform more operations to the account you delegate. They can make more post or comments....

How to delegate RC on Ecency?

Clicking on your RC information under your username you can see Delegate RC operation. Enter username and amount RC you want to delegate then click Next and Confirm it.

What is voting power?

Your voting power goes down a little bit every time you vote. It begins with 100% voting power and by voting you use a small amount of voting power. The more you vote the less influence you have, meaning the efficiency of your vote will decay. Daily 10 votes are recommended to utilize efficiency and curation rewards better.

How many times can I vote with my voting power?

Every 100% vote you cast will use 2% of your remaining voting mana. Your voting mana will recharge by 20% each day. You can vote more than 10 times per day, but each vote will be worth less, and it will take longer to reach full voting power again.

What can I do if my HIVE or Hive dollar tokens are stolen or sent to the wrong account?

If your liquid tokens are stolen or sent to the wrong account, there is no action you can take. However, if your tokens are in Hive Power, the chances of being hacked are less than 1/13 per week. Additionally, if your tokens are in savings, there is a three-day waiting period before they can be transferred. It may be safer to stake/power up or transfer funds into savings.

Will 1 Hive Dollar always be worth $1.00 USD?

The value of Hive Dollar fluctuates around 1 USD based on the demand and supply in the market. If the price falls below 1 USD, it is recommended to convert HBD to HIVE in order to obtain HIVE tokens worth 1 USD. Conversely, if the price exceeds 1 USD, you can trade them to acquire more HIVE on the market.

How long does it take to convert Hive Dollars to HIVE?

The conversion of Hive Dollars to HIVE will be processed by the blockchain for a duration of 3.5 days.

What are the dollar amounts next to posts and comments?

The estimated dollar amounts displayed next to posts and comments represent the potential payout that will be received at the end of the payout period. This estimate is based on the current voting activity and price of HIVE. The actual payout may fluctuate until the period ends. Payouts are a combination of Hive Power and Hive Dollars, although in certain cases, HIVE may be used instead of Hive Dollars depending on market conditions.

How voting content on Ecency?

To vote content on Ecency is quite simple, you can learn all about it in following article Voting content

What is Reputation?

Your reputation is an important indicator of your behavior and how the community perceives your work. When you join Hive, you begin with a reputation score of 25, which can change based on the number of upvotes you receive. The direction of this change is solely determined by your actions. By contributing high-quality content and engaging in meaningful discussions, you can increase your reputation and earn a good income. However, if your content involves abuse or plagiarism, receiving downvotes will inevitably lead to a decrease in your reputation.

How to improve my Reputation score?

The more upvotes you receive from users with high reputation, the higher your reputation score will be. Earning upvotes by giving value to the community is the greatest approach to improving your reputation score.

Why my Reputation score is going down?

Your reputation score is affected by the upvotes and downvotes you receive. If a user with a higher reputation downvotes you, it can decrease your reputation score. However, if you have more upvotes than downvotes (taking into account the weight of each vote), your reputation score will still increase overall.

What can I post on Ecency?

Ecency is a platform that promotes freedom, allowing users to share a wide range of content they have created, such as phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more. It encourages users to unleash their creativity!Just be careful of spam or abuse

What are tags or topics?

A tag is a description of the assigned content, used by search engines to identify and provide accurate search results. Tags must be in lowercase letters and cannot contain spaces, but hyphenated words with a single dash are acceptable.

How to use tags?

Users have the freedom to create their own tags, but it is important to choose a relevant and useful tag in order to make your post easily discoverable. For instance, using the 'introduction' tag can make your first introduction post popular. It is crucial to use tags that are related to your post to avoid receiving downvotes for mislabeling.

How to search content by tags?

On the left side of your feed there are mostly used tags shown for fasten your search. By clicking on the tag you can see posts that used this tag.

What kind of information contain Feed?

The feed consists of a collection of posts with their titles, the community they were published in, the rewards they received, and the number of upvotes and comments they received. To perform further actions on a post, simply click on the three dots located below it.

What does the Trending feed show?

Trending feed shows widely mentioned or discussed posts of entire platform.

How to sort Trending feed?

Trending feed can be sorted depending on what information you want to see. For example, you can choose one depending on whether you want to see only posts from My Community or Global posts from the entire platform. If you wan to see Trending feed on specific tag or topic, you can do so here as well by selecting topics from left side.

What does the Hot feed show?

The Hot Feed displays the most popular posts from the past few hours.

What does the New feed show?

The newest posts sorted by the published time are shown in the New feed.

What does the friends feed show?

Friends feed contains information about posts and reblogs of the accounts you follow.

What does Rising feed show?

Risind feed shows posts that have more comments and votes compare to others on entire platform.

How to sort Rising feed?

The rising feed can be sorted by today, this week, this month, this year, and all time posts created during the specific time. Choose one of them and get a chance of seeing posts that become rising you wanted time.

What does controversial feed show?

Controversial feed shows posts that have a relatively equal number of upvotes and downvotes. Sometimes posts get a lot of upvotes with little rewards.

How to sort Controversial feed?

Controversial feed can be sorted by today, this week, this month, this year and all the time posts that is created during the specular time.

How to sort Friends feed?

Your Friends Feed contains posts published by your friends and their reblogs. If you only want to see the posts of your friends, you can select Exclude Reblog through the sorting function.

How to change feed design?

Click on the grid icon at the top right of the feed. Choose one of the look designs: Classic or Grid.

What is Deck wiew on Ecency?

From other Classic and Grid views there is another view called Deck. Decks makes easy to manage your account. With decks not only you get to see multiple things in parallel but you can configure each decks and shuffle things around.

What are the deck types

By clicking + icon you will have new pop-up window that is shown deck types. You can choose any type of deck and each deck has its own setup. For example choosing User deck you can see posts created user you want to see.

What is Reblog?

A reblog is when you see a post you enjoy on Ecency, and by clicking the reblog button, you make the post appear on your blog too. Now all of your followers can enjoy the post.

How to Reblog post on Ecency?

Click on the Rectangular Arrow Icon under the post you like. Then choose Reblog and this post will appear in your Blog.

How to bookmark content on Ecency?

If you want to engage and read content later, simply bookmark it and come back later to read and engage. You can learn all about it in following article How to bookmark content

How to favorite people on Ecency?

When you add friends to your Favorites list on Ecency, you'll get notifications when they create a post. To add Favorites: Tap the friends like to add. Click on a star that will appear next to their photo. You can remove friends Favourites list at any time.

What kind of notifications I get on Ecency?

Ecency may send notifications for several reasons, including when someone:

  • Follows you
  • Votes on your comment or post
  • Mentions you
  • Replies your comment or post
  • Reblogs one of your content
  • Transfers (HIVE, HBD and new Engine token transfers)
  • Delegations (Hive Power delegations)
  • Your Favorite author pulishes a post
  • Replies your Bookmarked content

How to turn off notifications I don't want to be notified?

You can turn off notifications you don't want to get notified on Ecency. Firstly Click on the Notifications bell and find Settings icon. Turn off Notifications you don't want to get notified.

Why am I getting notifications that people are publishing posts?

If you add someone to your Favorite list, you will get notified when their post is published. Go to the main menu and check your Favorites list. If you don't want to get notifications you can just Unfavorite them by going to their page.

Can I manage my Notifications?


How to add images and videos to my posts?

You have multiple choices for adding an image. You can browse your hard drive and select the image from within the editor. Alternatively, if you have copied an image, you can simply press ctrl+v (cmd+v) to upload it into your post or comment. Another option is to paste the web address (URL) of the image or video into the editor, and it will be automatically added.

What is thumbnail image?

A thumbnail is a smaller version of a picture from your post that serves as the initial impression for viewers. You have the option to select a thumbnail before publishing your post. On the editor page, click the Advanced button and choose one of your images to use as the thumbnail.

Are pictures and video stored on the blockchain?

Typically, media content like pictures and videos are not directly stored on a blockchain. Instead, when you add such content, you are simply adding a reference to the location where they are stored. This means that you can include video content from various sources. Currently, when you upload a photo, it is hosted on a regular web server.

Why is the Publish button grayed out?

Once you have finished writing your post, make sure that you have selected a suitable title and at least one valid tag. If you forget to do so, the Publish button will remain grayed out and you will not be able to proceed.

How to schedule a post?

You can schedule a post to publish at a specific time.

  • Click on the pen icon and write a post.Then Click on the Advanced right under your post.
  • Choose Schedule option.
  • Select the date and time that you want the post to publish.
  • Click Apply then Schedule button.

How to edit or delete a scheduled post?

From the main Menu choose Schedule. Thee you will se a list of scheduled posts. Under posts there are 2 options: Move to drafts(there you can reschedule, edit)or delete scheduled post.

How to set beneficiaries?

You can set beneficiaries to share author reward with other accounts. Authors may share their rewards with others for a variety of reasons. It's up to you how much of your reward you want to share with. First create Post then Click Advanced. There you can Set Beneficiaries by clicking on it. Choose username and percent of the reward you want to share and click Done.

What do the Trending, Hot, New, Rising and Controversial links show?

This is the way of sorting content on Ecency.

  • Trending - Widely mentioned or discussed posts.
  • Hot - Popular posts in the last couple of hours.
  • New - The newest posts are sorted by the published time.
  • Rising - Posts that have more comments and votes compared to others.
  • Controversial - Has a relatively equal number of upvotes and downvotes.

How to exclude reblogs from Friends Feed?

Your Feed displays updates on your friends' actions, such as when they reblog posts they like. If you prefer not to see posts about your friends' reblogged activity in your Feed, you can use the Excluding Reblog option located at the top right to filter them out.

How to sort Trending, Hot, and New links?

You have the choice to sort posts by Global or My Community options. Typically, the Global option is chosen by default. Under the Global option, you can access links for Hot, Trending, and New posts from all areas of Hive. On the other hand, if you select the My Community option, you will only see posts from the Community link that you are a part of.

How to Follow people?

When you choose to follow a profile, you will receive updates from that person in your Feed. To do this, go to the top left of the Ecency and click on the Searching Bar. Enter the name of the person you want to follow from the search results. Once you are on their profile page, click on the Follow icon.

How to find information about Your Following and Followers?

You can see the number of people you're following and your Followers by clicking Followers and Following below your cover photo.

How to search something on Ecency?

To search on Ecency, click on the search icon located in the upper left corner. Enter the desired search term and select from the list of results. While typing, you may receive suggestions for your search query. If you find what you are looking for in these suggestions, simply click on it to save time.

How to use Advanced Search options on Ecency?

Once you enter a search query, you will immediately see a limited set of results. However, you have the option to broaden or refine your search by clicking on `More Results,` which will take you to a separate search page. On this page, you will have access to an `Advanced` feature that provides additional filtering options such as author, topic, category, time range, keywords, and type of content (comment or post). These extra search parameters can assist you in locating information more efficiently and staying informed about topics of interest.

What appears in search results?

The search results you see are determined by the posts, communities, accounts, and topics you looked for. Additional results provide advanced options to refine and assist you in finding the specific information you are seeking.

What does the Promoted icon in the Feed mean?

When looking through the feed, you may notice a Promoted icon next to certain posts. This icon signifies that the post's creator has used Ecency's Promote Post feature to expand the post's reach to more users. To promote your own post in the feed, simply click the three dots above the post and choose the Promote function from the options.

How content promotion works?

Promoting content on Ecency is very simple and easy. Ecency Points are used to promote content for 1, 2, 3, 7 or 14 days to get more exposure. Promoted posts are shuffled across the feeds to all users in mobile app, desktop app and website. There is no limit or restrictions, any post can be promoted to get more exposure and engagement. We hold right to remove posts from promotion list if it violates certain internet etiquette.

Who are curators?

Curators discover and vote for posts created by authors. They play an important role in Hive. The consensus in the community is that good content should be upvoted and should be rewarding for authors. The spam, plagiarized content should be downvoted.

Is there any criteria for boosting post?

Each curator has their own set of criteria for using their votes to provide boosts when Ecency VP falls below 80%. For instance, one curator may choose to boost only posts published on Ecency, while another may opt to boost posts that have received less than 300 Points. Some curators may focus on boosting low-rewarded posts, while others may prioritize posts with over 200 words. There are no strict guidelines for determining which posts receive boosts, as it is ultimately at the discretion of each curator. This decentralized approach reflects the volunteer and independent nature of curators, with Ecency offering suggestions but allowing curators the freedom to make their own selections.

What are the differences in Reward types?

In publishing settings section, you can see 3 different Reward types/choices.

  • 50%/50% - This rewards in half Hive Power, and half liquid HIVE / Hive Dollars. The ratio of liquid HIVE to Hive Dollars rewarded is based on network conditions at the time of payout. This is the default payout option.
  • Power Up 100% - This option rewards the post in 100% Hive Power.
  • Decline Payout - Use this option to receive no post rewards. Votes will affect the post's position on the trending ranking but no rewards are paid from Hive's reward pool. Replies made to the post are still eligible for rewards.

What does My blog contain?

Your blog is the first page that visitors can see when they visit to your profile. A blog includes all your reblogs. The Posts you create are collected on the Posts page. If you want your community posts to appear on your Blog, you can reblog it.

How to find my comments?

Your comments are aggregated on the comments page, just like blogs and posts are aggregated. There you can see all the comments you've made and the upvotes you've received on comments. You can also find the comment you want using the search function.

How often can I comment?

There is a three second wait time in between comments to limit spam.

Can I get rewards from my comments?

Yes, comments that are upvoted can earn rewards just like posts.

Can comments be boosted?

You can boost the comments you like. Of course, the comment must fit some the boosting criterias.

What information available in Replies page?

On the Replies page you can see all replies other users have made to your posts and comments.

What is Waves?

Waves is a new way of engaging through microblogging on Web3, where one can publish anything at any moment and still get rewarded for it. Waves can contain words up to 250 characters long, links, photographs, and GIFs. You can share your thoughts, opinions, updates, or information in brief and clear messages.

<p>The Boost+ feature allows users to take HP delegation from Ecency.This feature has been introduced, allowing users to use their points to get delegation for 7, 30, or 90 days. Approximately 350,000 VESTS, equivalent to 200+ HP, have been allocated for this purpose.</p>

What is Boost+?

Can I pin comments on my post?

Yes, you have the ability to pin comments that you want by selecting the three dots located near the comment and choosing the Pin option.

What are Snippets?

Snippets are small fragment of notes, footnotes, phrases, sentences you can format and insert in your posts and comments any time. They are very helpful if you have footnote on your posts or if you have catch-phrases that you use often.

Can I upload a video on Ecency?

You have the option to upload a video on both the Mobile App and by clicking on the video icon on the editor page when creating content.

Is it possible to guest post on your website?

Publishing on Ecency is simple and easy, Signup to open your own blog and community, start posting your content.

Can I request adding backlink to my website from Ecency team?

All the content on our site is created by our users and we don't modify or able to add backlinks. You are free to contact author of the post or Signup to open your own blog and community, publish articles to create backlinks for free.

Content source labels, what are those?

Content source helps you understand how content was published. In some cases you may see a third-party client name, which indicates the Content came from a non-Ecency application. Authors sometimes use third-party client applications to manage their blogs, communities. Third-party clients are software tools used by authors and therefore are not affiliated with, nor do they reflect the views of, the content. Content can be directly created by humans or, in some circumstances, automated by an application.

How to transfer blockchain tokens?

After login, you will find Wallet page in top header on website and desktop app or in Profile page, bottom navigation bar on mobile app. In wallet page you can initiate transfer of any token you hold to another user or exchange accounts, click on arrow next to your balance and find transfer operations. Transfers are irreversible because they are registered on blockchain, make sure to send correct recipient.

What kind of rewards do I have in my wallet?

There are three kinds of rewards shown in your wallet:

  • Curation rewards - The rewards earned for upvoting posts and comments.
  • Author rewards - The rewards earned by your own posts and comments.
  • Points rewards - Social actions and interactions are also rewarded with Ecency points.

How do I see my post rewards?

In Wallet page (in top header on website and desktop app, bottom navigation bar on mobile app), you can see Curation rewards (the rewards earned for upvoting posts and comments) and Author rewards (the rewards earned by your own posts and comments)

You can also view the same information for other users by visiting their wallet profile.

When can I claim my rewards?

Posts and comments remain active for 7 days and rewards are fluctuates depending on votes and market price of token, that is why rewards are approximated as pending reward. When the period is over, pending reward changes to actual reward and you are able to claim earned rewards. In your Wallet, click the Claim Rewards button to add the tokens to your account.

What is curation reward?

Curators will have reward (Hive Power) from the post payout. As a result of the vote given by the curators, the post will have a certain amount of payout. The author and the curator(s) share the post payout in the ratio of 50:50. The post payout happens in 7 days. So at the end of the 7 days, the author's and curator's rewards are available for claim.

How token exchange works?

Exchanging and trading tokens on Ecency is very simple. We utilize internal peer-to-peer, decentralized exchange built into Hive blockchain. Offer easy to use interface so you can exchange one token to another, completely decentralized manner. Create buy or sell order and wait for other people to fill your order. If you want to quickly swap tokens then you can fill someone else's open order for quick trade.

How to request account boosting?

If your account is low on Resource Credits, you can request account boosting from Ecency. You will receive 30 days delegation (553311 VESTS) which should boost your account to perform more activities on blockchain. Delegation could be withdrawn anytime if our team finds inappropriate use of power. You can request account boosting quickly with QR page just change username and scan QR image with Ecency mobile app.

How DHF works?

Anyone can create a proposal and convince community to vote on their proposal to get funded. Before creating proposal, normal post should be published on blockchain and it is recommended to gather feedback before creating proposal. Proposal creation has fee of 10 HBD + 1 HBD for each day it lasts over 60 days.

Once proposal reaches certain threshold of tallied votes, it will start receiving funds each hour. If proposal falls below threshold, system will halt funding for that proposal. You can vote as many proposals as you want, there are no limits. Proposal cannot be edited, but can be deleted/withdrawn by creator.

What are Hive witnesses?

The witnesses or block producers in the Hive blockchain have the responsibility of serving as the governing body of the network. The top 20 witnesses continuously produce blocks every minute, while the remaining witnesses act as backup and have a randomized chance of producing blocks. These witnesses are elected by the community to represent their interests, and each user has the ability to vote for up to 30 witnesses. This role is crucial to the consensus mechanism of the blockchain, and it is recommended for users to actively engage in voting for trusted witnesses. In return for their block production, witnesses are rewarded with Hive Power.

How many witnesses can I vote?

Each account can vote for up to 30 witnesses.

How to sort witnesses page?

At the end of the Witnesses page, click on the Sort button to display options for sorting witnesses. You can sort them by rank, name and fee. You can choose any option as your wish for example choosing a rank option will give you witnesses according to the order of voting rank.

How can I vote for witnesses?

Visit Witness page and click the voting icon.

How to vote proposals?

Go to the Proposals Page there you can see all Proposals that can be voted on. You can click on them to see further information about the proposal before voting or you can click on the voting icon near the proposal without opening.

What is considered spam or abuse?

  • Plagiarized posts or copied content.
  • Leaving nearly identical or materially similar comments on multiple posts.
  • Using tags that are unrelated to the post.
  • Threatening users with any type of physical violence.
  • Not citing sources when using someone else’s material.
  • Posting ‘not safe for work’ content without using the “nsfw” tag.
  • Scams or Fraudulent offers.

How to Find more friends on Ecency?

At the top right of the Ecency page, you can see Discover/Community button. By clicking Discover, you can find information about Most Active users, Curators and Popular users.

How to create a Community on Ecency?

Creating Community includes several steps, you can learn all about it in following article Voting content

Which accounts are included in the Leaderboard?

Leaderboard acoounts are based on the total number of actions performed, such as commenting and creating a post. The most Actives are always the ones who earn the most Points by being active on Ecency. The list takes a certain time frame and is constantly updated. Leaderboard people are recommended to new signups, when new people join Ecency they will see leaderboard accounts as recommendation to follow.

How to discover Communities?

By clicking Communities in the Discover/Communities button at the top right of the page, you will be presented with a list of Communities. The Communities are sorted in a certain order, and you can join the group you want by choosing one of the sorting options, such as Hot, Rank, Members, New, by clicking the Join button.

What are Communities?

Many accounts with a similar outlook unite around one Community to support each other and share their experiences. You can join various communities at the same time potentially connect and make more friends, get hundreds of followers and support on your new content. Joining communities is pretty simple and very easy.

How can I publish my post in Community?

Choosing the right Community is just as important as choosing the right Title when you start writing your Post. After choosing a title, under title you have a button to choose whether to publish the post on your blog or in one of the Communities joined. The Community ID number you choose will be your first tag. Don't forget to introduce with the rules of the Community before publishing a post in any Community.

How to leave Community on Ecency?

From your Feed, click Communities in the left menu and select your group. Go to the Joined button where you can see Leave option, select Leave.After leaving Community will be removed from your list of Communities and you will no longer see them in your Feed.