Godiva Caramel Lion with Belgian Milk Chocolate

Caramel Lion anyone?

Belgian Chocolate and Caramel Lions… Roar!!


Godiva Caramel Lion with Belgian Milk Chocolate

”Silky Caramel, Individually Wrapped Milk Chocolate Lions: Fine Belgian Milk Chocolate with a smooth caramel filling.
Godiva have been masters in the art of Belgian chocolate making since 1926. Our deliciously rich, smooth chocolate is exceptionally crafted with passion and flair by our Chocolatiers, using only the finest ingredients, to delight and indulge the senses."


So after chocolate seashells, how could I resist a chocolate lion? Now these aren’t actually lion shaped. These Belgian chocolates have a lions head on a chocolate plaque that’s individually wrapped. The lions head is filled with the softest, silkiest caramel. It has such a golden colour and it’s flavour is sweet and comforting. The Belgian chocolate is of such a great quality. I really don’t like the taste of cheap chocolate. Well… I say I don’t like, I will put up with it. You cant go wrong with the deep, rich, chocolaty taste, and when it’s paired with the finest caramel, then nothing else matters that is going on around you.

These chocolate lions really are fine and dandy. Usually I’d be able to finish a box of chocolate, but as the chocolate and caramel combo is so divine, it really makes you so satisfied. I enjoy having these and unwrapping them one by one with a fresh glass of milk and watching some romantic film. Makes me feel all warm and cozy.

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