#CometWeek White Paper ☄️


Hi to everyone on Hive! 👋

I'm here to fill in the spaces between two points...

Speaking of which...

Isn't that what comments 💬 and comets ☄️ do?

You know! Connect the dots!? 🅰️---🅱️

Sure they do! 👍

A well designed and well placed comment is the propellent that moves us all forward TOGETHER! It is the connection point between two living breathing human beings... Nothing to be scared of but it is sacred space!

...and if you aren't human it's ok! Comments work the same for you as well. Don't worry! 👽👩‍🚀🤖

So! What a busy last few weeks these have been!

Launching the @Comet.Ranker Service here on the Hive Blockchain has really been E.X.C.I.T.I.N.G!

There's a lot to be excited about too!

I poweredUP the originally planned 10,000 Hive AND added an additional 10,000 Hive on top of that to put real weight behind the idea of ranking and valuing comments here on the Hive Blockchain!

I decided to go BIG or go home... But Hive is my Home! So that was an easy decision to make!🌌

Doing this and hearing all the feedback and interest around the service has shown me just how good the good people really are here on Hive! 😊

I really want the @Comet.Ranker to be a beacon of light to bring more good people here to Hive and also encourage the good people we already have here on Hive to continue to be and do good things all around the globe! ✨

So I have decided to keep on lightingUP the night sky! 🌃

That's why I made the decision to run with an idea I had over a year ago and kick off #CometWeek! ☄️

I also decided to LevelUP with prizes of first 1,000 Hive and then a total of 2,000 Hive going to 5 lucky and deserving participants!!!

Ok! I got your attention right!? 👀


I thought so! 😉

But there's a little bit to this event so that means you've all got some homework to do if you want to participate!

We have been developing @Comet.Ranker and #CometWeek on the fly as we go in real time! We have even done a LITE Launch of #CometWeek! (That's what this post originally was if your reading through the comments and wondering!)

...and NOW!!!

Guess what!?

It's time to officially do our HEAVY Launch!

For your reading pleasure... here are the FULL DETAILS on how to participate in #CometWeek!

Also... as you read this document, the Official #CometWeek White Paper, please consider supporting the @Comet.Ranker Service with your UPvotes, REblogs, and Delegations too!

All you need to do is click on the picture buttons down bellow and you will be transported to that particular section about either @Comet.Ranker or #CometWeek! 👇

Happy clicking, reading, and commenting everyone! 🙌

P.S. If you have any further questions for the Comet Crew just ping us down bellow in the comments section! You can always find us there! 👍

#CometWeek White Paper























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