DCC Progress - 5 Weeks !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation

I'm glad to share the progress of DCC community in 5 weeks or rebuilding it.

It's all started by @lennyblogs00 who joined the discord server the first. I explained to him why I took a break and what pushed me to reopen the doors of @dcooperation again !

Then people start joining. The first thing I thought about is to create a movie about hive. I reached many people to do so. But I didn't find a big support, and I was overwhelmed to start doing it. But I'm not giving up on this, and I will do it anyway. Many think that creating a movie is something really hard to do. I'm telling you, that's not hard. I created one before. I don't have the proof because I was mad at that time and I just deleted it. It was about steem.


Now I'm back with fresh energy and I know that I'll do it. We have so many video creators who are still active and who participated in our collaborations to be able to create one. I just didn't contact them yet, but I will because the scenario is ready, and I'll write about it soon !

Besides that, I created a token for the community and already distributed it to many. To those who delegated to us for so long time. To those who ever collaborated with us. To the most active curators.

As well, I created an initiative to make more people earn the token. It's called Collaborative curation. I noticed not a lot of people understanding it, or maybe it's hard for them to do, and that's why I created : Expositional collaboration !. This one is even easier to do. Even tagging someone and talking about him/her counts !


We have also a few contests to participate in :

We have as well new members in the community who introduced themselves :

@pialejoana :

Hello, my name is Ana Pialejo. My mother tongue is Spanish. I like a variety of communities because of the different niches they drive. I like cooking, sewing and general life issues. I have been a content creator since 2017, I do this full time. Greetings

@qsyal :

Hello, DCooperation community!
My name is @qsyal. I love to share content related to crypto, tech and economy. I've been in Hive/Steemit since 2017, though I had some pauses in the past. My first language is Arabic, and I'm glad to be here...

@known.prince :

Hello DCC community my name is @known.prince on hive. I love crypto and blogging about it. If you know me personally, you will know I can’t stop talking about crypto cause I believe in crypto so much. I speak English and am a Nigerian.

& @zekepickleman :

I joined the blockchain back when our illustrious leader did back in 2018 and have worked with him ever since. I love the collaboration and the support for united content creators from across the globe. Hope you like beer !

Thanks as well to those who subscribed to the community and those are : @primevaldad, @igormuba, @samsmith1971 and @kenechukwu97.


As well, we are growing in all following tribes since I decided to power up all the earning from @dcooperation in all the tribes :

HIVE344 Hive Power
BPC609 BPC Power
BHT65 BHT Power
CTP26 CTP Power
LEO26 LEO Power
NEOXIAN21 Neoxian Power
POB19 POB Power
PAL16 PAL Power
ASH0.01 ASH Power

That's our progress so far.

If you are interested, please join us here : DCooperation Discord Server

Or subscribe to our community here : DCooperation Hive Community

We have already 240 subscribers and that's awesome. ☺

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