Collaborative curation with DCooperation !


I have a great idea that could work on hive and tribes !

What if we could create a collaborative curation on the blockchain. I want to run this, and I will always monitor the tag #dcc !


The idea is to curate a good content together. All those who will participate in this, may create posts sharing a few posts or comments they liked and curated recently. All other people who will monitor the tag #dcc will check those posts. In the end, we will have many collections of posts with the tag #dcc that could be supported by all of us. It doesn't matter where those posts were created or the comment, the most important that we will have people sharing them. Then, depends on how much we liked them or not, we may support that content.

Sometimes, it's really hard to find a good content to reward. Especially when the voting power is 100%, and we are ready to spread it. So, besides looking at those posts we usually curate, we may check #dcc posts and curate them and promoted posts there. It will be done in hive and any tribe we are active in. We even can give prices to those who are creating those collections. For example, a good delegation, or an upvote 100%.


The rules to participate in this are :

  • The title of the mentioned post should be as a clickable link. ( in this form ''[ title ] ( link )'' without spaces ).
  • The content shared from the post should be quoted, so a little part from the post could be shared or the comment.
  • The author of the post or the comment should be mentioned.
  • The content promoted should be related to the topic you create about.
  • Only one content per day is allowed to promote, and one author as well.
  • Don't mention the same people again and again every day.

Request :

Please don't share the trending content. Let it be mostly to support new and hot content. The trending is already supported and our help in that will be unseen ! Also, I would like to ask you please to not mention whales that often. #dcc is mostly to support the undervalued content !

As well, it's possible to use the tag for other collaborations mentioned here The use case of DCC token ! !

For more details join our DCooperation discord server

All the new posts created will be found here : /created/dcc

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