Coronavirus: Creating Fake News

This time, we are going to try to dismantle the mechanism of fake news creation around the Coronavirus scam. All the steps are now, more or less clear, and supported by official expert data. But let’s start from the beginning…

This is not a story about a deadly virus. This is a story on geopolitical propaganda war evolved into a global fear control experiment…


Everything started at the beginning of the year, as a corporate media campaign against Chinese government, with a heavy ‘Soros stink’ of instilling ‘colored revolutions’. In essence, media have been stating that ‘an epidemic of wide proportions is going on in China, about which its government is hiding data’. Well, they didn’t hide anything. As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, pulmonology specialist explains, Chinese experts were doing a routine job swabbing flu patients during the seasonal epidemics, like every year, and registering virus types. They have found a new strain of Corona virus, which is not unusual at all. New strains appear regularly almost every year, and some 40 strains of Coronaviruses are already registered. They make up 7% to 15%, maybe 5% to 14%, with small variations, in the virus group that causes flu epidemics. And here are his words:

The following happens: Wuhan is the largest viral laboratory in China. There are a huge number of specialists in the subject who deal with this all day long. Wuhan is a huge city, 11 million people, huge hospitals, huge emergency centers, there are always ventilators, people with pneumonia, hundreds of them, and they do very few tests, less than 50. They look at the viruses they have, examine their RNA in the lab and find a new type. That gets their attention. When a virologist finds such a thing, he registers it in a worldwide database. And this database is accessible to scientists from all over the world, such as Berlin.

Then he explains how corporate media turned a simple flu into an extermination event and you can see it all in his video:

The Ideologists

If you want to know who prepared this idea, you don’t have to look further than well know team of “your friendly billionaires”: Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, gathered at the ‘Event201’ at Baltimore, with their accomplices from Big Pharma (Pharma Bros?) on October 18th 2019, exactly the same day 7th World Military Games were opened in — Wuhan!

Of course its a pure coincidence! Just like a brilliant forecast of WHO that there will be a pandemia while there were only 150 cases registered outside China! Who could thought it could be done in collusion with Big Pharma? Maybe just a few naive persons gathered around the movie titled “Trust WHO”.

Duration: 53:43

WHO and who else?

Corporate media orchestration couldn’t pass without State Department knowledge and approval. They were using a chance to put a pressure at Chinese government, cut their world supply chains, and hope to return production to USA. It’s a hybrid war with the most prominent propaganda and economic elements. Open trade war. China had to respond. And it responded in a brilliant way. They have ‘danced with the devil’ and declared quarantine for the entire Hubei province… closing all the Western corporations in it. The result? After three months China is declaring big win over Coronavirus, and now is recovering economy while opening new business partnerships all over the World by helping ‘nations stricken by the media… I mean corona virus’. With only 3169 deaths, which is a rate of 0,00000213 against the whole population of 1.5 billion… Oh, BTW, they have estimated 60,000 – 120,000 deaths from flu every year in China. So much of ‘existential danger’.

That still doesn’t explain global panic, right? It was more that obvious that, during the days of ‘Wuhan theater’ NATO countries didn’t do a thing to protect themselves from the ‘danger’. Neither the civilian population, nor the Army preparing for the drills ‘European Defender 2020’. They were obviously busy with propaganda war, knowing that there is no real danger. But then, things start to happen. On February 13th 2020, NYSE begin to decline. All other markets follow. After Recep Tayip Erdogan’s unsuccessful adventure into the Syrian Idlib province, on February 28th, he opened Turkish borders and the flood of immigrants moved towards EU. Now the EU suddenly has a good reason to close borders under the excuse of pandemia, creating the illusion of unity and false impression of capability to efficiently address the problems.

Then on March 9th, Saudi Arabia pulls of a big drop in oil prices, bringing the Stock Exchange on the verge of disaster. Suddenly, Big Banks, together with FED, have a nice excuse in the virus to bury failed financial system of the World, and cover their responsibility in the greatest robbery of value in the history of the World… and all of them, drumming into the mighty corporate media, are trying to escape from the responsibility for mass murders, exorbitant plunder of the World, criminal incompetence and many other things hidden behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz… But that’s what you get when your corporate media let politicians give medical advices instead of experts.


Ah, the consequences… now we have a special phenomenon. While corporate media and WHO are screaming about a mortal danger to all mankind, THEIR OWN data shows this is a seasonal flu as usual, because there is nowhere a deviation from the average data for this part of year. I have sent this updated table with the World data several times so far:

Data from Worldometers site for March 26th, 2020:

Danger listDeaths this yearYearlySource
Cancer1,934,1529,6 millionWHO
Alcohol589,0303 millionWHO
Traffic Accidents317,8981.3 – 1.9 millionWHO
Flu114,480291,000 – 646,000CDC

Do not forget that the current death rate of Coronavirus is highly misleading. It is calculated only related to reported cases. Since the symptoms can be really mild, many people haven’t been reported at all.

Currently, EU is the ‘epicenter of a fake tragedy’ so let’s see the situation there. Here we have two graphs from the European monitoring of excess mortality until week 12, 2020, which means until today. Data is gathered from the 24 European countries or regions of countries. The weekly bulletin is published every Thursday around noon. As you can see, neither at EU level…


…nor at the states level, there is no excessive deviations from the average for this time of year.


And you can see that flu seasons 2016/17 and 2017/18 in Europe had much higher mortality than today. Do you remember corporate media made a hysteria then? I know it’s hard to believe, and you must still be asking yourself: “How is it possible? Aren’t people dying in Italy?”

The mechanism of fraud

Yes they are, but not outside of the average for this time of year. The only difference is… Let’s take very high mortality in the flu seasons 2016/17, highest in the observed period of four years. At the time, if anyone would feel symptoms JUST LIKE Coronavirus today, he would go home, took a usual flu therapy with drinking a lots of fluids and resting. In a week, flu is gone in a majority of cases, with around 0.01 death rate, mainly among the older persons, those whose immune system was already compromised. They would die quietly at home, and were recorded as a natural deaths.

Today, you have a corporate media hysteria, state of emergency, curfew, and instead to go home and rest, people are rushing to hospitals. Of course there are not enough beds for all, of course that health care systems inside EU are falling apart, and of course only the most urgent cases are admitted. Now you have the most endangered population in hospitals, with the highest death rate, and you have cameras inside ready to record every death, making hysteria ever higher. You see now how easy is to distort a view to a common flu?

Yes, it’s a common flu

Can we be sure? Yes. All the stats are consistent with the common flu, and the enormous Coronavirus death rate numbers are false, because the common flu death rate are measured against the ESTIMATED cases, while Coronavirus deaths are measured only in relation to the CONFIRMED, registered cases (as stated below the Worldometers table), which are much smaller group – ergo, higher rate! Here is an insider from the NHS who is telling how it’s done:

We will take out two quotes:

So only the ones who [have] been admitted to the ward would be tested. In which case that is a fraction of the patients that actually present to the emergency department. I feel if people see the magnitude of patients presenting to the emergency department for treatment and notice how much of these patients are actually positive, it may cause a scare.

Or, it may drastically lower mortality rate!

In terms of testing staff, there has been a complete ban on it, including the staff that have been treating COVID-19 patients and have consequently fallen ill. These are treated as having a flu-like illness and not to label themselves as COVID-19 because they have not been tested.

It is very interesting how this “whistleblower” didn’t think that staff is being “treated as having a flu-like illness” because IT IS a flu illness!

And it is treated like a flu illness. If you followed my series on Coronavirus, you could see here links to the works of three Chinese pharmacists published in a scientific journal BioScience Trends at the beginning of this year, and French scientific study notified to the world by Didier Raoult, confirming efficacy of the drug Hydroxychloroquine, with 100% healing in combination with antibiotic azithromycin. If you could not find Hydroxychloroquine, you could take an aspirin! Like you would do in the case of flu!

Instead of being publicly praised, Didier Raoult has been denounced as ‘fake news’ by Le Monde and Facebook, despite a fact that he has offered his research and three other studies from China proving effectiveness of this drug. Imagine that: Fake news corporate media are declaring a fake news on a renowned scientist with decades of experience!

The critique says that Didier Raoult used a small sample of only 40 patients, and that extensive clinical studies were necessary. Really? Extensive clinical studies would be necessary if it was a new drug, but it is known from 1949, and in worldwide use since 1955. If you have a 100% success on 40 patients with a proven drug, you don’t need “extensive clinical studies”. It does seems like corporate media do need more time for their Big Pharma clients to sell their ineffective and expensive garbage with a fancy label.

Not only that — this time we have a link to the work of nine Chinese scientists, published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Center for Biotechnology Information, under the title Potential False-Positive Rate Among the 'Asymptomatic Infected Individuals' in Close Contacts of COVID-19 Patients – and just after it has been posted to YouTube…

Duration: 2:15

…it was retracted!


Nothing to see here, right?

Another expert opinion, dissenting to the corporate media insanity, you may find at Sophie Shevarnadze, in her talk with Michael Favorov, epidemiologist and president of DiaPrep System Inc., who is explaining how ‘negative selection group’ can distort results of mortality rate, and how the true situation is – very similar to influenza.

If you already had common cold or flu in the last five months, you have probably already developed immunity to COVID-19, that will last 5 years. So, you don’t need an expensive and possibly dangerous COVID-19 vaccine made by Big Pharma.

If you do not feel symptoms and you have a sunny day, you would do much better favor to your health if you go out, because Sun kills germs very efficiently. But from the screens you will get only panic advices: ‘Stay at home, do not have social contacts!’ And you have state authority which will crackdown on you with full force if you do not comply. What better evidence you want that we already live in a…

Prison planet

The idea of a prison in your mind is attributed to British philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) and his famous Panopticon prison design, from the 18th Century. Best rehash of this idea we have seen in a brilliant book of George Orwell, “1984” – dark vision of the future where people are controled through fear. Just like today… You are being watched through cameras, your smartphones…

…and even robots:

You are not allowed to go out of your four walls, unless you are asked to go out by the authority. It’s a dream of tyrants. And it has been accepted everywhere. Israel was the first to publicaly announce their open intention for control, U.S. has a Graham-Blumenthal bill dubbed EARNIT in procedure (see point 6. of this text,) British are in, and even Russia joined the surveillance club.


Let’s at the end summarize the bunch who are actively working on the control of the masses through fear. Ladies and Gentlemen, the big virus promoters are:

  • Plutocrats in need for the absolute control and surveillance, who are using a chance to conduct the experiment of forcing the scared herd into the corral

  • Big banking and big pharma murderers who do not consider curing patients is a sustainable business model

  • Disgustingly wealthy corporation owners who will take this opportunity for a new wave of layoffs. The big crisis 2008/09 has increased global unemployment by 22 million people. UN estimates at least 25 million layoffs as a consequence of this crisis, while Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard has much worse estimation for the U.S. workers. He says almost a third of U.S. labour force could be dismissed in the second quarter calling it ‘a massive investment in public health’!

  • Political scum class from the US of A is weaponizing virus against geopolitical opponents, while at the same time using it for mutual political showdowns

  • EU bureaucrats using a virus excuse to create an illusion of unity, while governments of EU countries are using it to reestablish national state borders

  • State puppet governments eager to cancel all your privacy rights and human dignity, so they could better serve to their masters in the financial plutocracy

  • Malthusian scum which gets a hard-on every time someone mentions depopulation

  • All the fraudsters who sold snake oil in the 19th Century, and today they are selling ‘a hand sanitizer that destroys coronavirus’ with a guarantee 99.99%! (Purell) Or false coronavirus tests. Or the ‘designer’ face masks. Protection gloves. False medicaments. Toilet paper…

Feel free to add a group of scoundrels if I have forgotten someone.

I can’t help but asking: Will the sheeple wake up before the slaughter?

* * *

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