Coronavirus: Conspiracy Theories and a Bitter Truth

With the Coronavirus outbreak, there are most imaginative theories of conspiracy around. Did you see Dean Koontz’s Novel from 1981, titled “The Eyes of Darkness”? But what if this isn’t a kind of conspiracy you think of?

In the novel, there is a prediction that in 2020 a deadly bioweapon virus called Wuhan-400 with a lethal mortality rate of 100% will be released with an aim to wipe out entire cities or countries.

Even closer prediction in describing the virus came from the Sylvia Browne’s book “End of Days”, written in 2008. There she says:

“around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs.”

You can also see a movie by Steven Soderbergh from 2011, titled “Contagion”. By the screenplay of Scott Z. Burns, an outbreak of deadly virus starts in China, caused by the bat feces, and then quickly spreads all over the World causing a social breakdown. Sounds earilly similar to what we are looking over the corporate media today, isn’t it?

How did they know?

Well, they didn’t. You have Google today, and you can find most interesting things in it. You can find curious similarities and then construct a stories around them. I remember a story from a guy who was good at predicting terrible plane crashes. He said: “There will be a major plane crash in March. The plane will have something red on its tail.” It happened! How did he know? Well, statistically, the greatest number of plane crashes consistently is happening in March. And over 90% of Airline companies actually has red color in their plane tails…

I also remember a book of a Serbian author who predicted in his novel that a certain oil company (insignificant at the time of writing a book) will struck a big oil reserve in the Northern Sea. How did he know it? Well, he had full data on many companies who were drilling in the Northern Sea, and choose an insignificant one to create a compelling story, which wouldn’t be possible with the great and well known oil corporations. And then a small one strike the right hole… It happens much more often than you think.

Rare will tell you that there was no Wuhan-400 in the first edition of Koontz’s novel in 1981, and that a second version of the novel was written after the fall of Soviet Union, in 1991:

The final difference between the two viruses is the most devastating to conspiracy theorists. The original version of the killer virus in The Eyes of Darkness was entitled “Gorki-400,” after the Russian locality where Koontz initially planned to set his novel's bioweapons lab. When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, however, Koontz recalibrated his novel to feature China as the source of the virus. Previews of the first edition of the book published under Koontz’s pseudonym, Leigh Nichols, on Google Books, shows the virus' original name was Gorki-400.

You may ask: “But how did they both get 2020 right?” They didn’t. Seasonal viruses develop some strange strains in regular periods, as it was followed since deadly flu called “Spanish fever” in 1918, and a cycle was expected to repeat around 2020. And besides, the contagion started in 2019 — that is why it is called Covid-19, and not Covid-20.

Danger Numbers

Now, let’s put the Covid-19 danger into perspective with other dangers. Yes, people are not statistics, but… do you smoke? Because, this contagion will vanish with the first April sunrays – as every of this type – but your smoking habit won’t. Alcohol, anyone? See the numbers and then tell me about the real danger of Coronavirus:

Data from Worldometers on March 16th, 2020:

Danger listDeaths this yearYearlySource
Cancer1,707,6199,6 millionWHO
Alcohol520,0203 millionWHO
Traffic Accidents280,6651.3 – 1.9 millionWHO
Flu101,043291,000 – 646,000CDC

Furthermore, the current death rate of Coronavirus is highly misleading. It is calculated only related to reported cases. Since the symptoms can be really mild, many people haven’t been reported at all. See at least first 3:40 of this video:

Another kind of conspiracy

For this occasion only, please forget about the stupid stories of the Deep State that has created a deadly virus to exterminate a good part of humanity. While there are enough psychopaths who may be ready to do it, this is not the case with Covid-19. How do we know it? Well, this virus is attacking predominantly population over 60, and has 14.8% death rate among those over 80.


Italian data confirms Chinese stats. Virtually all the plutocracy is over 60. Do you think they would get themselves in danger? Now, here is the story of a true conspiracy: This is a MEDIA conspiracy with the synergy of aims for the richest people, their corporations and with a geopolitical repercussions. It’s a greatest plundering scam you can imagine. So, let’s see how it is done and who wants media hysteria?

  1. Corporate media themselves
  2. Big Pharma corporations
  3. Globalist political puppets
  4. Deep State
  5. Financial plutocracy

1. Corporate media

Former Chair of the House Democratic Caucus (2007-2009) and former Mayor of Chicago (2011-2019) Rahm Israel Emanuel is credited to say “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Corporate media did not wait for a crisis — they have created a crisis! As you could see in the table above, complete hysteria around Covid-19 is far greater than the real risk, but it brings audience! Horror clickbaits are so profitable!

Duration: 25:34

Besides, they are so used to lying (let’s quickly remember destructive lies about Saddam’s WMD, lies about Slobodan Milošević while covering creation of islamist state in the hearth of Europe, about the Ghaddafi’s “crimes against Libyan people”, about the “monster” Assad in Syria, about MH17, “Russiagate”, Skripal’s ‘poisoning’…) that they have lost power to deliver a believable info if it once was really needed. If the real ‘Wolf’ comes, nobody will hear their cries…

2. Big Pharma corporations

See that “Contagion” poster? NOTHING SPREADS LIKE FEAR. This is a dream situation for the Big Pharma. First, you create a health crisis, and then appear as the saviour of mankind… with an appropriate price tag. Now they can sell their false vaccines (remember 2009?) with a spectacular profits in a very short period. And then buyout the competing companies that are doing really good jobs. What’s more, U.S. Big Pharma criminals have a direct support of the government in the attempts to establish full monopoly over the Covid-19 vaccine.

Even if there’s no vaccine, they are going to sell you… a completely inefficient face mask; instead of $0.5 soap, they’ll sell you a $90 ‘hand sanitizer’… $300 if it is from a Big Pharma corp. If you have enough money, you can buy a nuclear shelter and isolate yourself against all viruses and people. Drop dead, you poor sheeple!

3. Globalist political puppets

As new ‘liberal’ world order is falling apart, all its political sock puppets are desperately trying to stay in power at least one more day. So, they now have a chance to postpone elections. Imagine how Macron is happy to ban mass gatherings, because the yellow vests bear will not dance under his window every weekend. Or Milo Djukanović of Montenegro, who had a full scale peaceful Christian mutiny in his tiny state. Or Italian globalists who can stop Mateo Salvini getting the power at least for some time. Or imagine how DNC is happy they will no longer had to search for an excuse for their favorite zombie candidate, because this time sheeple won’t be able to see the proportions of the fraud against Bernie Sanders without a massive meetings and exit polls… just like our @leecamp has explained in his well known style:

Duration: 31:39

Don’t cry for Bernie, though. He already announced he will accept the results of the faked primary elections – just as he did in 2016. Furthermore, zombie candidate will not have to act in front of a crowd, and show how demented he is in a farcical ‘fight against Trump’. The show must go on all until the sheeple believe they are on the opposite sides…

But let’s go to the more important point: Capitalist globalization is grievous danger in itself, and it is even more dangerous when it is implemented by the incompetent, greedy and unscrupulous sock puppet politicians. You can see it through a breakdown of any sensible action against the virus. You can see it when Trump is buying oil with a money reserved for crisis situation, while there are not enough virus test kits for the population. You can see it through his bailouts for the airline companies (which did not needed it nor asked for it) and for tourist industry. Can you imagine? It’s a greatest HEALTH crisis in his lifetime, and he is bailing out capitalists instead of covering up the health issues!

4. Deep State

A hidden structure, so called ‘Deep State’, functions as an executive power of plutocracy. They are responsible for a great deal of media hype and the ensuing domino effect. Their primary goal was geopolitical – propaganda attack on China, preventing its expansion, and accusing Iran – while sanctioning medical export to Iran!

Duration: 3:40

Yes, Deep State and Trump in essence have the same goal, because they are both under the thumb of a same financial plutocracy. And their goal is global control. If Trump was not aligned, he would already finish as JFK.

At the same time, it is a greatest Imperial drill of “controlling a herd” in this Century. In UK there’s even a term “Herd immunity” used in a context of “Controlling the disease”. True context actually is “Controlling a herd”. It is also a check of the effect of media poison to the public.

5. Financial plutocracy

And the worst villains at the very end – financial plutocracy. Those who had constructed Centralized Hierarchical Political Matrix and are now creating the greatest economic crash in history, making sure they and their friends will profit out of it. The Stock Market is crashing as we speak. After the greatest single day drop in history, on Thursday, FED has pumped $1.5 Trillion (yes, with a T) freshly conjoured fiat paper… Let Jimmy Dore show you the insider — Ben Bernanke — explaining it in his own words:

Duration: 19:07

Their main aim is to evade responsibility using the “Coronavirus Excuse”. They are hiding the gretaest plunder of wealth in the history of mankind. Here’s how that looks like in the open – just look at this titles:

'This is war': Stocks, oil, Treasury yields, and bitcoin plunge as the Fed's rate cut fails to allay coronavirus fears

Coronavirus caused oil drop? Spectacular…

Goldman officially says recession will hit US, sees GDP shrinking 5% in 2nd quarter

The coronavirus' hit to US economic activity will hit the second quarter the hardest and likely drag the country into a recession, Goldman Sachs said.

The coronavirus? Really? No their guilt at all, right? Pumping enormous amounts of fiat money since 2008 does not have anything with this picture?


And that was the picture after FED injected $1.5 Trillion on Thusday AND $700 billion through buying treasuries and mortgage-backed securities announced on Sunday, together with another rate cut to the level of 0 to 0.25%! AND National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow promised ANOTHER $800 billion…

…which means $3 Trillions in total over the weekend — and it doesn’t help. Now it’s just one step to end game…

For whom the Monday bell tolls?

A Bitter Truth

As much as it is fake, this hysteria has shown clearly one thing: Not one of mentioned structures does not care about your health. If they are, we wouldn’t have a table like this:

Tests Per Capita-2020-03-16_151957.jpg

Globalist structures did show neither competence, nor unity or care at least as much as the acting doctors in the mentioned movie “Contagion”. You want proof? Ask Mike Pence where is United States’ “Patient zero”. So we have to diagnose the true disease. It is a bitter truth for some, but it has to be said: It is not the Coronavirus — its a Capitalist virus that is destroying the tissue of a society. Professor Richard D. Wolff can explain it better than me:

Duration: 1:15:52

All this corporative induced, media driven insanity reminds so much to a famous case of a radio drama “War of the Worlds” from 1938. Orson Welles has adapted a 40 years old fiction classic of Herbert George Wells, to the then new media and — induced a mass hysteria! A great number of listeners thought it was a real Martian invasion! Panic allegedly resulted in several suicide attempts and one heart attack which was never confirmed. The original radio drama version is available at YouTube and I hope that in a few years this Coronavirus insanity will be remembered as the last great swindle of the dying “mainstream” corporate media… Oh, BTW, in the novel “War of the Worlds”, Martians failed with their invasion plans because they were stopped by — a virus!

We will not handshake for this parting…
Live long and prosper! 😉

* * *

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