6 indications Canada is about to announce MANDATORY Covid "Vaccinations" for everyone

I've been warning since Covid began that mandatory vaccinations could be coming, even here in Canada. Despite already having achieved one of the highest acceptance rates in the world, there are several indicators pointing at looming forced injections across the "true North strong and free".

  1. A few months ago, health officials promised "vaccine passports" would never happen here. They go into effect next week. They've always said the vaccines will be optional, but more and more, it's looking like that too was a lie.
  2. In Italy, government is passing a law to begin mandatory injection of EVERY human in the country. They've already forced all nurses and doctors to get it, along with many other sectors of society, but now they're coming for those who have decided not to take it. Italy has been leading the world in things like lockdowns, contact tracking, and mandates. What happens in Italy happens in Europe, and often then in Canada.
  3. Israel is "switching off" the vaccine passports of anyone who has not had their THIRD Covid injection, removing the person from society. To keep the passports valid, an injection will be required every six months, forever. Symptoms and deaths attributed to Covid are spiking out of control the more doses they take. The USA just announced a third shot coming soon. This doesn't go away after 1 or 2 shots. It also doesn't go away when a country reaches its stated vaccination (herd immunity) target.
  4. In parts of Australia, citizens are under 24/7/365 house arrest except for emergencies. If they must leave the house for supplies, they are not allowed to speak (except for essential purposes) until returning home. Covid re-education camps are being built across the country, each with about 1000 beds. Like in Israel, anyone who misses the 3rd dose will have their digital passport invalidated. Yet another app is being installed on every Smart device, which at random demands users photograph themselves to prove they are indeed locked down. If they don't comply quickly, police are dispatched. Protest (including online) is banned. We do EVERYTHING Australia does (and they do EVERYTHING we do), it's just a matter of time.
  5. Italian state media and government claim protests against mandatory vaccines and passports are "violent" and "an attack on the health care system". This lie supposedly justifies additional restrictions, mandates, and violence against the people. Here in Canada this week, our state media and government are claiming exactly the same thing about the recent peaceful protests at hospitals across the country, which were organized by nurses walking out on their jobs over mandatory vaccinations. The protests were of-by-and-for the nurses, but the media is claiming they were anti-nurse, and even violent (an unsubstantiated lie). When I commented on a CBC article, saying I was actually at the event and it was completely peaceful, my comments were deleted. The comment section was closed just an hour after the article was posted, and the only opinions permitted to be seen mirror the article itself, claiming the events were violent, senseless, dangerous, and anti-nurse. This frightening level of control over the narrative indicates they can't allow the truth to be widely known, likely because future parts of the narrative depend on this one. For example, perhaps the idea that anti-vaccine-mandate protests are violent and "an attack on the health care system" is being pushed so that government can justify further force and restrictions, or bolster support to forcibly vaccinate those who don't want it.
  6. Increasingly, we hear "this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated" (even if the reality is the opposite), ramping up fear and hatred of people who haven't been injected. Last week, health officials admitted their new goal is to achieve 100% compliance with the injections, including no exemptions for religious or medical reasons.

We could add to this list, but the point is, there are several rising indicators that Canada - and much of the rest of the developed world - is about to put mandatory vaccinations into effect. These kinds of things are denied right up until they happen, so don't be tricked into thinking it's unlikely just because you haven't heard anything official yet.

Remember, it's winter in Australia right now. They're supposedly having their yearly surge in cases, to justify the latest lockdowns and other losses of freedom. It's summer here in Canada right now, but fall is coming, and winter will be long and dark. They're already claiming cases are rising and we're heading toward another lockdown in Canada. Each new lockdown brings new major changes to society. First it was social distancing, then it was masks, now it's vaccines, and next will be the passports. Are they really going to allow a 2-tiered society, where unvaccinated people can only visit businesses designed for them, and live by different rules? It seems more likely they will soon close the loopholes and demand "holdouts" either take the vaccines, or go into a Covid facility/camp/hospital/center. Everything is pointing in that direction right now - escalating toward mandatory vaccinations this winter. Things can change, but that's our current trajectory.

I put out a video several months ago on how it feels to be injected by force, saying I hope it wouldn't be needed by many. If you'd like to check it out please click here.

I'm sorry to bring rough news, but I think it's better to be prepared for what might really be coming, than living in ignorant bliss. At least if we're aware, we still have a chance to change it.


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