Canada Rises Up Against Vaccine Passport September 2021

Victoria Protest Sep 2021_Img5.jpg
Protest outside the Legislature building in B.C.'s capital city, Victoria

The Canadian Frontline Nurses have organized a nation-wide walkout/nurses' strike to protest mandatory vaccinations in Canada on September 1st, 2021. My family joined in solidarity in the Okanagan.

Vancouver Protest Sep 2021_Img3.jpg
Vancouver City Hall protest

The event successfully materialised at major hospitals all over the country. Nurses who walked out picketed in solidarity with thousands of other protestors, including recently fired or "retired" nurses.

A few thousand manifest outside Kelowna General Hospital as Nurses walk out

Not only were there massive protests at most major hospitals nation and province wide, like Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Inland Hospital (Kamloops), and Kelowna General Hospital, but in other locations in cities all over British Columbia.

Vancouver Protest Sep 2021_Img19.jpg
Thousands protest in various locations in Vancouver, B.C.

Protestors manifested at various locations in Vancouver, at the legislature building in B.C.'s capital city, Victoria, and even along the side of the highway in tiny little towns like Salmon Arm, B.C.

Salmon Arm Protest Sep 2021_Img2.jpg
Salmon Arm, B.C. protest along Highway 1

Vancouver, B.C.'s unofficial capital, had protests not just at the general hospital, but also at City Hall, in various locations downtown and even blocking the Cambie Street Bridge, a famous location for filming blockbuster movies.

Vancouver Protest Sep 2021_Img5.jpg
Protestors traverse Cambie Street Bridge in Vancouver

The event was so huge, so peaceful and synchronistic that even the CBC and Global News had to report on it!" They're busy doing propaganda damage control with some shitty masked crisis actors. Too bad for them, nothing can stop the great awakening of humanity.

Victoria Protest Sep 2021_Img1.jpg
Victoria, B.C.

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