Abetone in winter

Hello to all!

Two days ago I went to Abetone, a wonderful place located on Appennino, between Tuscany and Emilia Romagna.

They built here a ski station. Me, with a friend, took a cableway to reach the summit of Mount Gomito. We stay all day long to take pics, from daylight to sunset till twilight.
In 'Green Planet' movie, people did meeting and took important decision for the community on the top of mountains, because they felt smarter there. I had the same feeling. Mountains reach not only the soul: we could have also better and more lucid thoughts here. It is not a physical activity, but first of all, a spiritual asset.

Snow is high in these days.
Here the king of Appennino, Mount Cimone (2.165 mt) at twilight, in winter clothes:

Where Earth stops, and sky begins:

Again Cimone at daylight, in all its splendor:

This frozen cross is located on the summit of Mount Gomito:

Mount Giovo:

Mount Cusna:

Mount Rondinaio (center) and mount Giovo (right):

Val di Luce (Light Valley):

Ligurians mountains in the back ground:

Pietra di Bismantova, near the edge of the foggy plain:

Mount Penna and Mount Maggiorasca (100 km faraway, a crop from 36Mpx images taken with 200mm tele). I have increased sharpness with artificial intelligence (SharpeAI by Topaz Labs software, very good tool):

A wide view from Monte Gomito summit:

Suddenly, Mediterranean sea, and Gorgona island, appeared from the distance fog:

A golden sea in the distance:

The skyline of cableway:

Light changed, sunset was approaching, together with soft cirrus clouds and some airplanes tracks:

Mount Cimone summit:

Golden hour was starting:

"Croce Arcana" and "Corno alle Scale":

Two walking people on the ridge of mountains reminded to me these words by France Battiato:
"The migrants of Ganden
In bodies of light
On Invisible Planets"....

... following the light:

Last rays on Mont Cimone:

The warm light of incoming sunset, creating a magic atmosphere, changing the view of all things:

My friend Fabio busy with his camera:

Temperatures dropped suddenly, it was very cold and windy! Approximately 10 degrees below zero.
Enjoying twilight:


Time to come back. Thanks to kind Gianpiero, the owner of ski station, who took us back with a snowcat:

On the way back:

Pictures taken with Sony Alpha 7iii and Nikon D800.

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