Firsthand Experience visiting the Cattle Market | For the first time ever!

Visiting the cattle market as a female is almost taboo in Bangladesh. It's considered as a men's job and I respect that. I've also no intention to put myself in this mess and chaos.

But as I never visited any cattle market ever so I was always curious about this. Through news media shows us everything, gives us updates about the Eid Cattle market and how things go there. But having a firsthand experience is totally different.

Warning: The images may make you feel uncomfortable, if so; please skip this post.


If you are not sure what I'm talking about then let me put some light on this.

Tomorrow we are going to celebrate one of our major religious festivals, we can it Eid-ul-Azha, shortly Eid. For this day, it's a ritual to sacrifice animals. In Bangladesh, we mostly sacrifice cows and goats. And to practice that ritual every eligible one tries to buy cattle. This cattle market is usually takes place especially to sell cattle for that big day.

Many cattlemen brought their cattle into this marketplace. It's huge crowd with all th men and the cattles.


So as this was my first time experience, I went out two days to observe how things go there. The day before yesterday, it was not so messy. But yesterday, when I went out, to my utter surprise there was a huge crowd. The whole place went messy with cow dung, cattle food, and whatnot.


Also, it was raining so it was quite a mess; I would say. I got a little scared too to see the huge cows and the crowd.

Everyone was asking the price, seeing the cows and people were busy transacting money. There were only a few females on the market. So I was also not feeling very comfortable because of this reason.

I came back after like 15-20 minutes.


Does my visit worth it?

Though it was near my living place so I went alone. But it was not a clever decision. It felt like I made a mistake. I had no idea how crowded the place would be. I'm not very comfortable with cows or any cattle because I was raised in a city having no connection with cattle.

But I sure got some different experiences.

Did I enjoy it?

Not so much. The place was messy, dirty, and crowded.

I will never make myself comfortable in such an environment. If I didn'thave some other things to take care of, I would never go through this place. I would rather let my man deal with this.

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