Bangladeshi curation and support community

Welcome to BDCommunity. BDC is a little family within Hive, built to help users who put in their honest efforts into the blockchain and by engaging, builds long-lasting friendships.

Join us on our Discord server to connect with us on our journey. For any enquiries, you can easily reach out to us there. The writers of our community are vast with various interests and habits, and you will find exciting and interesting topics to talk and read about in our feed, both written in English and our native language.

Discord Invitation Link:

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We highly recommend that you understand the basics of Hive. Here are a few articles for new users to understand what not to do.




- Contents should be original. Plagiarism of any kind is not taken lightly (This includes both Content and Image Plagiarism). Authors who plagiarize will be muted permanently.

- Vote Begging and Spamming are not tolerated.

- We discourage posting content from multiple accounts.

- We highly appreciate on-chain engagements with the other authors as it is vital for sustained growth.

- (Only) Bangladeshi authors are urged to Join the BDCommunity Discord Server to introduce themselves and earn the "Bangali Badge."

- Please post in either Bengali or English language only.

- We do not support the use of services such as and likwid.

- We also discourage sharing the same content from Steemit to our community.

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