One of the bad experiences.

While doing general chitchats today my family discussed a bad experience that I faced two years ago with my cousin. Hehehe, there are a few such incidents that I won't forget for my whole lifetime. Some bad pages on the diary of life. You know only the good ones aren’t enough, we must also keep track of our bad ones too. They are also adorable sometimes, hahaha.

So it was an incident from almost two years ago. I was at my cousin's home during that time. And the biggest festival of our religion was upcoming so we needed to come back to our home. Being a festive season it was very hard to manage tickets for traveling, yet we managed some tickets with great difficulty. I, with my cousin and her younger son, planned to travel together and the rest of the relatives would come after one day because of their time management. So we had to travel via train and they were really crowded with the extra pressure of passengers. There was no Covid on those days, who knew something like this would paralyze the whole world soon. Back to the story, we adjusted with the crowd while enjoying the beautiful scenarios through the window. Train journeys with window seats are my all-time favorite. Nothing can beat that feeling and comfort.

The real game started when our train faced a malfunction while crossing a huge bridge over a river. The train stopped at the bridge and thankfully started to move before anyone could guess the real trouble. Everyone on the train panicked a lot because that was a situation when you can't even get off the train. So we were relieved after a little panic attack. Our destination is at the center of our district, before entering our city there are few villages to cross. We had never been to them as we always crossed them while being on the train. On that day our luck laughed on us and the train finally malfunctioned again at its peak and stopped at one of those villages. We were just 20 minutes of the journey away from our destination, just 20 more minutes and this happened. And it was going to be evening soon while waiting. There was no news of when the recovery service will arrive, these take times we all know.


We were in a dilemma because we were not too far from our destination, also not too close that we knew the roads. After waiting a long time we decided to leave the train and search for a way to go home by road. As I said, those were villages and their transportation system was not good. We left the train and started walking for vehicles or for any nearby bazaar from where we could manage to ride home. Soon it was dark all around and we were walking all alone on the village roads with luggage and wondering if it was a wrong decision or not. We were also walking in the opposite direction from our destination because there was another railway bridge ahead of our point so we had to move back and go around by road. We were too tense with those unknown streets and seeing the scarcity of vehicles. We stop for a little, think to go back, and then again decide to keep moving. Another major problem was the low internet connection, we barely got a network there. After 30 minutes of walking through unknown dark streets, we found a vehicle that agreed to take us into the city with a very high fare. We just jumped into the vehicles and felt relieved. Our family members were also too tense because of this situation, our mistake was that we showed overconfidence that we would manage ourselves.

So that walk on the streets of an unknown village at night was really a bad experience for me. I would never forget the panic on that bridge, the tension of getting hijacked while walking. Lol, it was an unexpected incident in my life that I won't forget.

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