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Today is a very challenging day for me. You may think why I'm saying this ?..... I have tried to draw something which is very precious for muslim belongings in one word.
I've tried to draw KAABA SHARIF.

We all know more or less about KAABA or MECCA. Even so I'm gonna share with you some basic words about KAABA....

Muslim from all around the world pray towards KAABA. Pilgrim's circle it 7 times counter clockwise to signal the start of the pilgrimage. This is KAABA which I'm trying to draw....


Located the heart of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismail raised the foundation of the house.The kaaba has four pillars each of which has a significant name. They are...

  • Iraqi Corner
  • Syrian Corner
  • Yemeni Corner
  • The black stone corner

KAABA's door only opens twice a year. Arabic word which has been written on base part called KISWA OF THE KAABA. Black part is called MIZAAB.
The present form of KAABA isn't the same as during the time of prophet Ibrahim. It was rebuilt in the pre-Islamic era by Abdullah bin Zubayr. During the Ottoman era, Sultan Murad in 1630AD constructed the KAABA to it's final form that we know today.

Now I'm briefing you how I create this art....

Drawing Materials

  • Pencil (4B)
  • Pencil (10B)
  • Black gel pen
  • Scale
  • Eraser
  • Art Paper
  • Board

Way I'm following

First I take a art paper and draw a straight line on it. Then, I divided it in portion of 7", 5", 4.5", 7" (from left).


Now, I'm trying to give it a shape of KAABA by the help of a 4B pencil.


Then, I draw two pillars on KAABA which looks alike the structure of original one.


Then I completed it after covering all the portion of a piller. Remembering one thing, you have to make the two's in similar measurement.


Then I tried to draw the base part of KAABA and KISWA OF THE KAABA.


After that, I draw all the doors of KAABA which only opens twice a year.


After doing all of these, bold it for highlighting by the help of a black gel pen. You can also use black sign pen instead of gel pen.


Now, I'm trying to highlight some portion of pillers and doors to make it more natural to look.


Then I draw Gilab ( attire of the KAABA) which tucks up on the base of KAABA.


After that, I'm starting to colored it by the help of a black pen. I started it with the head portion of KAABA.


So guys...now wanna see the outcome of all of these? Here it is...........


How was it ? Since I did it for the very first time of my life so I'm fully satisfied with what I did. Don't forget to let me know your feedback about this drawing. Your keenness helps me to do something better.

That's all for today. See you on my next blog. Till then stay home and stay safe.

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