My kinda pamper...!! 🍔 🍽️

You can’t find people who don’t love themselves. This is not to say that we have no feelings for others. Of course, we have. Still, we love ourselves the most. It’s not selfishness or a narcissistic attitude. It’s actually our common habitual fact.

Normally when it’s time to pamper thyself, I try to keep myself busy in shopping. I like to deck up myself and so purchasing lots of fancy things. Besides this, I love to try different kinds of food in different areas. It seems that I keep my self pampered by doing such stuff.

Today’s weather is so comforting that couldn’t resist going out. Thought that I should go outside to feel the weather but there is a bit of hazard going for a walk in an open space. Considering this situation, decide to check out my favourite burger shop in my area. I have chosen this because at least they keep social distance.

There was not much crowd. It makes me feel comfortable. I took my seat on a desk and within few minutes go to the counter for ordering the desire burgers and drinks. I had to pay the bill earlier and then I was waiting. …


This is a “ chicken supreme burger”. It was quite large in size. I found several linings inside the burger bun which contains in chicken fillets, also it was containing with a lot of cheese, lettuce, tomato chunk. This was really delicious to have.


Then I ordered an “Extra cheesy beef burger”. In a word, it’s just amazing. The beef patty was a bit spicy and crispy which is like stroking me and the melting cheese…… combination was absolutely terrific. I love this one most. This burger was regular in size still yummy than the first one.


They didn’t have too much variation in dessert section in fact I could not able to find my desire cold drinks there so decided to have a “ chocolaty cold coffee”, which was regular in taste. Nothing extraordinary but as per my taste bud it was good.


It remains incomplete without taking pictures. Try to click some snaps of mine using funny effects. This was really fun to capture. Give yourself time and learn to live – that’s all I want to say.

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