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Finally winter is at our corner. But it doesn’t come alone, comes with various event and we have to go there. Although winter brings a lot of laziness, we have to look at least presentable when we attend any function. So today I'm gonna share an easy peasy lemon squeezy makeover so that anyone can grab this look. Here is the look


It looks simple yet elegant. You don’t need so many tools to create this look. Only a few tools needed. So without any further delay let’s started.


• Brow pomade
• Angle brush
• Concealer
• Loose power
• Base color shadow
• Concealer brush
• Hot pink shadow
• Baby pink shadow
• Silver shimmer
• Blending brush
• Eyeliner
• Mascara
• False lashes

Way to go

First you have to draw your eyebrows with an eyebrow pomade. Here I’m using elf brow pomade with an angled brush. Go slowly and keep it simple. Don’t overdraw it doesn’t look natural actually. Remember whatever you put on your face try to keep it natural. I don’t like so much dramatic touch on regular makeup look. Take a concealer so that you conceal your eye area and make your brow more prominent.
Then put the same concealer on your eyelids and blend it with a brush. Then set the concealer with the help of a loose powder. Just press the powder on your lid. After that take a base color. Here I used this whitish kinda color and semi brown mixed.


Put both on your brush and make a false crease on your lid. Don’t go rush. Slowly blend the pigment focusing the outer corner then go on the circular motion to front. Whenever you have done just take a concealer brush and put a little bit concealer on it. Make half cut crease on your lid and set it with a powder. Take a hot pink pigment like this


Blend this color on your outer corner. Don’t mess up go slowly and blend it well. Don’t take this color on the mid lid just keep focusing on the outer corner. Once you did then take a baby pink color


Put it on your mid lid with the help of a flat brush. Put it slowly and blend all the harsh line. Don’t go inner part with this color. Keep focusing the midpoint and blend properly. Then take a silvery shimmer kinda pigment


Put it on your cut crease with a tiny flat brush. I used this color in contrast to the dress color. You can use any shimmer color. Then put on your wing eyeliner. If you prefer then put kajol also. Then put your false lashes with glue and you are ready to go.


How's this look? Let me know in the comment section. Time to say bye. Catch you on my next blog. Till then stay home & stay safe.

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