Hive listing application - What a process!


A couple of days ago I looked down at my crappy little phone and saw this post by @darkflame:

Help get HIVE listed on now!

It was strangely coincidental as I had just spent the night prior thoroughly researching

What they're doing is interesting and here was @darkflame pointing out that HIVE wasn't there yet


Keen to help out after last time with the Staking Rewards listing effort, I jumped right in

Hive came runner-up in that one, behind Free TON; which I know nothing about

There were some questions raised at the time about how easy it was to cheat the voting system on the Staking Rewards website, but I don't know if they responded or if anything ever came of it

Or if we get to try again next round, maybe?

Actually... It can't hurt to ask

@guiltyparties, @forykw, @acidyo... What do we know? Have you heard any news about the Staking Rewards listing?



Back to the topic for this post now, which is the listing application

It's a bit of an involved process, as it turns out!

Took some research to answer the questions

I thought I'd make this post and put all that gathered information in one place so others can refer to it while they're filling out the questions too — should they choose to

Worth doing, network effects, yada yada...

If so, here's the link: Listing Application

And here's the information:

Whitepaper link:

Active users:

~13,000 total active daily users. Account holders: hundreds of thousands (Probably? I guess. Most inactive)

Sourced from @penguinpablo's most recent weekly hive stats (thankyou!)

Social media URLs: ; ; ;

Dev page:

CoinMarketCap page:

Market cap:


Max token supply:

999999999 (I put this because you have to put a number, but Hive has no upper supply limit)

Current estimated circulating token supply from CoinGecko:

371,968,555 HIVE

Listed on these exchanges:

Upbit, Binance, Ionomy, HiveEngine, Huobi Global, Bithumb, MEXC Global, CoinSpot

(add more if you know of them and comment below I'd like to know too)

Block explorer:

And here's a few pictures:

Hive Listing Application

I put this down because everyone is an owner of Hive!

Hive Listing Application

Hive Listing Application

Sounds like a deadline was missed a year ago lol. Should have wrote "it was done over a year ago and the network is going from strength to strength"

Hive Listing Application

Hive Listing Application

Hive Listing Application

Hive Listing Application

Is this something that has already been done?

Hive Listing Application

Hive Listing Application

I have no idea what The Syndicate is

Hive Listing Application

Eventually you'll get to the finish line:

Hive Listing Application FINISHED!

And that's that

If you're going to do it, feel free to copy and paste from this post

It'll save you a bit of time I promise

Here's the link again: Listing Application

Over to you!

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