Loving HIVE ❤

This is the marketing community for Hive. Let's show our love for this platform and make it a lovemark.

Just think to show this community to people you invite to HIVE. It would be the most impressive way to sell our house, so people from other platforms see the love we have for ours. Think also to show this to big investors and make them realize all the feelings we have here.

Having a place for the promotion of HIVE is essential for our growth and it is time to have it.

***When you post on Hivelovers, keep in mind that the main purpose is to show our love for HIVE abroad, those who do not know the platform, so focus your content on that audience.***


- - Ideas and suggestions for the promotion of HIVE are welcome.

- - You can post promotional material for HIVE

- - You can promote your talents in the service of HIVE. For example, if you know baking, you could make a dessert with the HIVE logo. If you are a musician you could compose a song for HIVE.

- - We accept contests and challenges to promote HIVE.

- - Marketing statistics and promotional campaigns on HIVE are allowed

- - You can include post with news about HIVE achievements. For example, appearance on media, incorporation in a new exchange, a mention by a famous person, etc.

- - You can promote a dapp as long as HIVE is also included.

- - Posts on events are welcome. Absolutely everything about meetups, forums, conferences, etc. that talk about HIVE.

- - Launch of a new dapp or community are not allowed

- - Posts on news about progress in some developments are forbidden

- - Do not post curation reports

- - Do not post tutorials about tools on HIVE

- - Post in English or Spanish

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