Share Our World: Agave Garden

While visiting the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum earlier this month I saw many cool animals and rocks and plants. I highlighted the Cactus Garden and now want to show off the Agave Garden.

Join me and learn about agave... which is my favorite desert plant!

  1. There are 270 different types of agave. (1), This is amazing and it means that I can see and discover more and more all the time.

  2. They have a simple rosette shape, that draws me to it.

I was so excited to see there was a whole section of the desert museum dedicated to the agave! Let's take a look at some of the agave in the garden.

3.Most are native to hot and arid regions of the Americas and need very little water to survive. (2)

4.They require many years to mature and flower and once the rosette flowers it dies. The stalk that is sends up can be up to 30 feet or 9 meters high. (2) (3)

5.The leaves range in color from pale green to blue-grey (3)
For those that know me, you know how much I adore the color green, in all it's shades.

6.The leaves can be variegated (differently colored zones in the leaves) or striped (3)
It is so fun to see the different patterns!

7.The names are sometimes my favorite part.
Hedgehog, Whale tongue, Queen Victoria, Blue Glow, Foxtail, Artichoke and many more...

8.The agave can be a source of food.
My main source of sugar is agave syrup.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Agave garden at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum outside of Tucson, Arizona.

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