DCooperation progress in 3 months !


I'm @clixmoney the founder of @dcooperation !

A lot was done with this community. The best post even about that is this one : DCC airdrop - Collaborate and earn !. I'm glad I airdroped to everyone who ever participated in creating this community during more than 3 years. You may check DCC holders here !.

After restoring the community, the things I did are :


As well besides powering up all our hive rewards, the account is powering up all the rewards in tribes as well.

So, we have the following picture as well :

HIVE372 Hive Power
BPC636 BPC Power
BHT109 BHT Power
CTP27 CTP Power
NEOXIAN27 Neoxian Power
LEO26 LEO Power
POB24 POB Power
PAL16 PAL Power


We have as well a few contests, you still can participate in :


As well now #dcc is open for more topics to write about, for example writing about a project, a community or a tribe. Giving suggestions, writing about an author in particular and tagging him/her. And that's all called Expositional collaboration !.


Besides all that, I'm curating the tag #dcc with :

HIVE31K Hive Power
BPC3360 BPC Power
BHT2417 BHT Power
POB1350 POB Power
NEOXIAN500 Neoxian Power
LEO280 LEO Power
CCC221 CCC Power
CENT160 CENT Power
CTP120 CTP Power


I would like as well to welcome new subscribers to our community in hive : @themusiquero , @aimharryianne , @yayogerardo. And thanks to @papilloncharity who followed our account recently !

As well thanks to @edystringz who participated in the contest about the blockchain. Here is her entry : Censorship resistance, and a built-in economic layer puts HIVE in the right direction.


By the way, the hive movie is also in progress. @natebowie wrote a great introduction for the movie and he will be the main speaker in the movie. And @binkyprod will edit the script in the manner she see it better or leave it as it is. She will take care about that part. I'll also gather videos from those who want to participate, so in case you are interested let me know about that in the comments or in our discord server.


You may check as well The scenario of hive documentary movie !.

We will all work on it a few months and we need as well supporters. So, in case you want to help in any form, let us know about that as well !

When we're done with that, we may create as well a movie about a community or a tribe in the future. So, if you have a favorite community or a tribe, help us with this movie and we will create a movie about your favorite community or tribe as well !


Collaborations are really awesome. So, in case you have an idea to collaborate with you or the community or tribe or project you are a part in, please share that in the comment or in our discord server.

We can build something really huge together and anyone can take a part in it !

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