How Ecency helped me to find the most active curators in Hive !


I love because I used to write in simple websites. I don't like where there are a lot of buttons, a lot of colors and many other things destructing me. All I need is to log in, choose the community to write in and the editor itself. Maybe I'm a minimalist !

But recently talking to @ru-trail about, I start noticing some little issues. For example, it's not working unless I use VPN in Russia. That's slowing down my work because I have to wait a bit to open pages, even if the speed of my internet is very good. As well, we talked about the Russian language in For some reason when I try to write something in the description and the rules of a community in, I don't see the description there and nor the rules. I tried that with this community and everything is empty there.

As well, I know that the page of the tags wasn't working in But now it is because I wrote about that before to @blocktrades, and I'm happy it's working now ! I mean this one : It's awesome that was fixed !

In ecency and peakd, it seems everything is working great with communities. As well I found a great page in ecency about the most active creators and curators and that's great. I mean this page :


So, I see there the page of curators where, at least, I can find the most active curators in hive. I was looking for that for a long time to airdrop DCC token to them. Because a one of the use case of DCC is to reward the curators in hive. As it's a great collaboration from them because they support so many hivers !

In ecency I see only 100 most active curators, if you know an other tool to show me more curators, please let me know in the comments !

So, let me share the table of those who get the airdrop :

CuratorAmount of DCC

To not tag many people, I'll share another airdrop later, where the following curators will get 90 DCC each.

So, that's 1000 DCC to 10 most active curators in hive !

You can trade it, or use it to reward the most active contributors to #dcc tag !

Now we are supporting the tags in hive with the following contest : DCC tag contest - Let's support #truth

We are working on the hive movie and the intro is almost ready, what you can watch here :

It will be a documentary movie with the participation of many hivers talking about many aspects of hive blockchain.

The main goal of @dcooperation is to support collaborations with hive.

We already created an awesome collaborative contest with @elcomentador. It's a great project that supports comments in hive !

As well we have a few initiatives like :

For more details read this post : DCC is proof of curation !.

Check our community here : DCooperation.

DCC token is tradable in hive-engine !

Thanks a lot for being the most active curators in hive. Let me know please of ways to find more curators to send them the token !

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