The Perfect Dinner



Had he come earlier this wouldn't have happened
The perfect dinner arrangement I envisioned and planned for Felix came crashing right in my face.
No, it wasn't his fault that he couldn't make it to the dinner neither was it mine.
He just had some other important matters to take care of and couldn't make it.

I stared at the different dishes of assorted delicacies I had lined up and displayed for Felix. The effort seemed wasted. The fact that I had no one to share all the food with made me even more bitter.
Being with Felix for years had been a long life wish and dream come true but at the same time, it seemed like a furnished hell prepared for separate souls.

Felix always placed work first before any other thing. To him, business comes before pleasure.
Don't get me wrong, I am not the pleasure here but what else would anyone in my shoe think?
He left me the other night waiting and shivering under the rain only to answer a business call and today he didn't even show up for dinner I had told him two days before.
I had it all planned out, yeah I did all my possible best to ensure that business wouldn't stand in the way of our dinner tonight, but my best wasn't really the best after all.
Something still stood on the way and as always business.

Felix called after being two hours late to apologize that he wasn't going to make it to the dinner hang out and that he is really sorry, of course, he should be, he has already been sorry for making me feel like a secondary priority that is if I can even use priority in this context.
I woke up to a morning message from Felix after the night of the incident, I rarely get that since we've been together.
I have always done the texting and calling. This was my way of showing him I cared and that he is always on my mind and that he is precious to me but on the other hand he either gives me straight replies or even hangs up on me while on the phone.
So receiving a text message from Felix seems like the wildest dream to me but I had to read the text anyway to know if he was really concerned about my well-being or it was about some sort of his business proposal or promotion.

Hi treasure
You certainly woke up with a shock on your face.
Yeah I know I don't do this very often but I have always been willing to, just that you don't give me the chance.
I receive your text messages every time before I could even type Hello on my phone. Trust me you have been the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want you to give me a chance to prove it and prove your worth.
Let me treat you like you really should be treated and not the other way round.
Please give me this chance and don't keep making things hard for me. I know you must have been feeling bad about the way I treat you and you may even think I don't love you but that isn't the case.
The truth is that I am always angry with myself every time you take an action first before I

I want to apologize for missing dinner the other night. I had no business meeting or whatsoever, I intentionally missed the dinner so that I can fix a proper one for us. I really do hope you will forgive me and reconsider giving me a chance in your life and let things go smoothly

I couldn't believe my eyes after reading the text message I received from Felix.
Did he just mean what he said?
Could he have been doing all this to me because I was a little possessive and taking up the guy's role in this relationship?
Should I call him? A thought suddenly flashed but I remembered that I shouldn't be doing that so I left the message and went ahead to prepare for work.

Sara! Sara! Felix called out to me.
How have you been? I hope you receive my text message
Yes, I did Felix.
So what do you think Sara?
I don't have a say about that, just do as it pleases Felix.
Alright Sara, dinner tonight?
Sure, no problem, take care.

I went away immediately after speaking with Felix at the staircase leading to my office.
It was a short day in the office, I got home earlier than normal days.
What Felix said to me kept hovering in my mind.
I slip the thought behind me, got up, and had a cold bath then dress up for the dinner tonight.
When I arrived at the location Felix gave me, I saw nobody except a narrow path.
I followed the narrow path to an open space right ahead of me. It was heavenly with all the lightings and the lovely flowers.
I couldn't believe my eyes, was this a dream?
Could Felix had done this? Just when my thoughts ran wild, Felix appeared with his hands folded behind him.
He walked closer, looked into my eyes, and smiled.
He stretched forth his hands and handed me the bundle of roses he was with and said the words I AM SORRY
I was confused as to why he was apologizing but I had to think of that later cause at that moment I was mesmerized by such a lovely and heavenly setting.
I collected the flowers from Felix, sniffed its sweet fragrance, and then smiled saying thank you.

Felix walked me to a table that was set for us, decorated with falling petals and candle lights.
He ushered me to sit, graciously I did.
And before I could pull myself together and raise my face, Felix was already on bended knees.
What in the world is he doing now? What is he up to? My mind just kept wondering.
Sara! I know I have hurt you for some time now and that cannot be overlooked by you but from the depth of my heart I am sorry, it wasn't my intention to do that.
Can you please forgive me and let's start this all over again?

I don't get it, Felix, you have been apologizing to me since when I arrived here, at the office, and even with your text messages. I am not angry or mad at you Felix, I can't be because I love....before I could even complete the statement, I heard Please Marry Me Sara
Oh, my words! I didn't see that coming.
I looked at the diamond ring in Felix's hand and then looked at him.
He was a little nervous but he just had to hide it behind a smile.
I wouldn't say no to this, no I can't do that :)
Yes, Felix, I stretched forth my fingers for him to place the diamond ring, and he did.
He got up, kissed me on the forehead, and hugged me warmly.

The End

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