The Ink Well Highlights Magazine #2 (April 1, 2021)


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This weekly magazine serves to highlight short stories posted to The Ink Well community that stood out and were awarded a Curie vote. The stories shared in this post represent some of the best creative writing posted to Hive, please do check out the highlighted authors and show your support.

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Featured Author: @gracielaacevedo
Steinbruch's gnomes


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The tunnel extended. It passed ten feet under the house, through the courtyard, where Mutti had ordered a greenhouse to be built for his prized ferns, and ended at a small hill the locals called Steinbruch. Twynn was two hundred years old, a sage in the full potency of his priestly exercise among "The Children of the Great Blue Camellia", a branch of the gnome species that has kept alive its language, and its function of safeguarding plants, since the time of the first earthly flower buds.

I loved this story so much @gracielaacevedo. You invited me to be a child again. I saw the tunnels, the trails and the ever-so-slightly moved boulders. I saw gnomes and gnomids.

This was the perfect story to read before I go to sleep. If I"m lucky, those lovely gnomes will visit me in my dreams.

(A great interpretation of the prompt, also!)
-@agmooreTheInkWell Section Seperator.png

Featured Author:
You're Beautiful


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I feel embarrassed inside. I acted like some superhero but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to do so. Perhaps she caught me there, forcing myself to be a strong guy. She smiles at me silently and then she giggles.

This is a lovely story. We all wish we had the courage to stand up to bullies. It's hard, because they usually come in groups. Bullies are actually cowards who are afraid to stand alone. So, when Jason protects Shana, he does something we all wish we could do. Maybe, by reading about it, we will more likely find that courage in ourselves.

Thank you for posting this uplifting story in the Ink Well community.


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Featured Author: @generikat
All the way to tomorrow


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“Where are we going?” Myra shouted into the frigid wind that enveloped her as they pounded across the snow and ice, her inquiry swallowed by the frosted roar. Myra clutched Kolar’s dense fur and flattened herself against the bear. The tips of Kolar’s fur lightened to a blue so pale that it was almost as white as the snow whirling around them.

Well this is quite the wild romp through space and time and dreams, @generikat. It's one of my favorite types of fantasy stories, in which one really doesn't know whether it's intended to be real, and it doesn't matter. I think really vivid colors and details bring this story to life, so that in the end whether it is dream or a reality within the story's world is inconsequential. Thanks for sharing your story in The Ink Well!


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Featured Author: @kemmyb
My Angelic Tribe


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We noticed how different we were from the rest of our people but we have been told it's nothing. Nature delights in variety, that's why we look different. They say. My friends and I at the age of forty-six knew better. We felt knitted in body, soul and spirit. Could that be the cause of the dreams?

Hello @kemmyb , There's a saying, Follow your dreams. In the case of these three women, that turned out to be excellent advice. What I really like about this story, besides the fact that it is so well written, is the fact that the women are in their forties.

Many people, especially young people, think dreams are made for youth. No! We dream all our lives. And we can reach for those dreams until our lives are spent. I really like that you acknowledge this truth.

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Thank you for reading our weekly magazine!

@jayna and @agmoore

p.s. You can see the past magazine here: #1

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