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Commander Lee was ready to talk about the Multiverse to the recruits M5 and Nyota. He was in the projection room of the ship, it was a small place with a round table and a few chairs, it had a huge hatch that allowed him to contemplate the stars of the Alpha Centauri star system.

The recruits entered accompanied by Huang Jie, it was not surprising to see him there, he was a man of slow learning. So from time to time, he attended these classes. Surely forced by Zeng Yong. Just as they entered the table irradiated them with light and a hologram of a rope became present.

“Well guys, to start today's class I would like to ask you what is the Multiverse for you," the commander wrote down in the air the word Multiverse with a question mark.

The first to raise her hand was Nyota. She permitted to speak.

“The Multiverse is the set of universes, hence its name. Each one is different from another in laws of physics, possibilities, planets, and existing life. None is the same as another, but similar." Nyota finished speaking and sat down, filled with pride.

The commander nodded. Nyota was going to be a good pilot, but he still sensed his aura, it gave a bad omen. He looked at M5 who wasn't speaking, just making notes on his watch.

“Exactly, Cadet Nyota. We can no longer keep the word universe. As OMO officers, we must look after every universe, every galaxy, and every planet.” He paused and glanced at Nyota, the girl pretended not to hear his comment. He continued, "As the cadet said, no universe is the same. One example is that the universe where Agent Huang Jie comes from” The Chinese man was startled by her appointment. “It never advanced technologically much, in his version of the earth is ruled one part by the Romans and another by a new generation of the Qī Dynasty.”

Huang Jie smiled at the recruits, he did not like to stand out in a class, but in a battle, he was the first to go out to fight, besides being determined to leave his mark.

“My universe is different from yours, Commander?" M5 wanted to know, raising his hand shyly.

The boy had not wanted to leave his world. His story was similar to that of everyone on board. None of them wanted that life, they just encountered a being beyond their comprehension. Almost all of those chosen was because they met two criteria a unique talent and had survived an entity outside of their time and culture.

“They are very similar, kid, but they differ in the names they give to streets, countries, or even inhabitants. There may even be different beliefs” the hologram of the rope was divided, leaving three very similar to each other. “Now then...”

M5 raised his hand again.

“Excuse me, sir, but I would like to know about Zeng Yong's universe. He always refrains from telling me and I'm curious to know.”

The commander knew that the recruit's intentions were not bad. Ever since he had joined, his second innate gift made him stand out. He was too empathetic with people.

“Well, how to put it. These are personal matters that the mechanic Zeng Yong should explain to you in person…”

“Well, it seems to me that Zeng Yong brought misfortune to your world," Nyota's dismissive tone was the opposite of M5. “I don't know the story very well, but someone who doesn't face his past is because he did something very bad. “

“Don't go on, cadet.” the reproach in the commander's voice was latent, he decided to overlook the malice of the comment. “There are parallel timelines, each one is born from a branch of the original one. There are thousands of universes that are born this way, time flows, but its course changes” the holograms of the three strings were bifurcating until they resembled roots. “They are born from the decisions of each one, it creates a wave of change in each reality. The changes can be macro or micro. In the case of Zeng Yong," I challenge Nyota with my eyes. “He created a reality where humans destroyed his planet with the technology he built.”

One of the binary stars of the star system illuminated the darkroom. Soon after, the second star appeared.

“And can't that human race be helped?" Nyota asked with disdain.

The commander shook his head.

“You are not to interact directly with the worlds until you reach an understanding of the dimensions, rule 1," recited M5, seeing the airy look on her partner's face, he retracted in his seat.

“Exactly, there are rules that as OMO agents we must abide by," he hoped Nyota would not interrupt again, or she would suffer the consequences.

The cadet was silent at the most propitious moments, she was like a snake waiting to strike at the right moment. Her black curls were reflected in the bulkhead of the ship, due to the light of the two suns her shadow gave the sensation of a lerna hydra.

“Time travel is not allowed for that reason either. We would create another alternative reality, wouldn't we “ M5 was writing like crazy.

The two suns were hidden again, being sheltered by the light of the room, this was weak and bluish in comparison with that of the stars. The holograms also had their beam of light, but they were dim. They were projecting different strings that spun a large net.

“Right, it is forbidden for us. Some civilians find the way out of ignorance and let us go into action” While the commander spoke a kind of tree of knots, continued growing and extending its roots. “As I said, time does not alter, it flows through each of the realities that we create with our decisions.”

Both M5 and Nyota did not seem very surprised. The two were very good friends, onboard the ship it was regular to see them together.

“But there are civilizations that can pass between universes. Huang Jie told me that vampires could do it," M5 said as he mentioned Huang Jie, causing him to stir uncomfortably.

Another touchy subject.

“Blattoredos can, too," Nyota said.

“Indeed there are civilizations that can or creatures capable of seeing the interconnections between universes," the network of knots expanded to show small threads that connected. “Employing wormholes is possible, but only in authorized universes or with the understanding of the 11 dimensions. Vampires and blattoredos are parasitic beings and evolved in a way that they can see those wormholes.”

Nyota showed signs of being unstable, her face reflected tension as well as her fists. M5 hadn't noticed, he was writing on his watch every word he said.

“Well boys, so much for today's class," the commander motioned to Huang Jie. “Go with Huang Jie to train your muscles in the anti-gravity field. We will resume the class later.”

As soon as they left the room, the commander continued to look at the network of universes that stretched out before him. There were millions and millions of parallel, perpendicular, crossed strings that touched each other by a tiny thread, only that united them.



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