Shattering the Piggy Bank and Starting over! 😫 Oh no! Is this the start the new financial freedom?

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Oh no! It is time to break open the savings wallet, burn through reserves, and take several giant leaps backward. But is this as bad as all that?

Or is this the opportunity to step towards new financial freedom?

1. Let's not sugarcoat it!

The DIRE situation is that I need to come up with about R25,000 in South African money, or around $1500 in USD by the end of September.

This means that I WILL have to look at selling off my HBD savings and several other digital assets, among other things: Splinterlands SPS, Vouchers and probably a large number of packs.

This does feel like a massive step backwards in my financial situation because I would need to start over.

This is the kind of thing that discourages people and makes them give up.

This is the kind of thing that causes depression and/or causes a person to turn to some sort of unhealthy and destructive behavior.

2. The Cause

Despite the various online holdings and interest/income-bearing assets on Hive, our family have several debts and outstanding bills.

People on Hive that work with the concept of staking, curating, and staking tokens for income and liquidity pools will be familiar with the concept that not selling out and using the income you have to make more money.

Money that SHOULD be able to lie in a position where it earns its interest and becomes more now needs to be ripped out of its positions and given out to pay one of those debts. It is critical and unavoidable and involves people moving countries.

3. Impermanent loss and the slide of the market

When BTC goes into a bear market as it has done, all other cryptocurrency follows that trend, therefore the seasons of crypto go up and down more or less together.

Once in a while one crypto will do better than another and stand out for a while, but usually not for long as other people use those trends to run a mini bull run to rake back some of their value lost. Others, with deeper pockets, use the situation to dig in deeper and buy only on the Buy column by offering lower increments of USD and other money to buy up what others cannot hold on to.

The market will market. It has done this time and again.

Unfortunately, I need a larger amount of money (For me) suddenly and not while the market favors me.

However, despite this, the value that I set aside did NOT go missing. I was clever and crafty enough to move the value around into things that either retained their value or grew the total income over time.

Therefore it is not that I lost, but it has not been sitting there long enough to make much of a PROFIT and this is very sad.

4. The Burden lifted

Making the provisions to pay this amount of money by the end of September means two big things for the household:

  • We get rid of R25,000 of debt money looming in our minds. Which is one of the big ones that sooner or later we would have needed to pay out one way or another. (Even though right now is not the best time.)
  • We show that we are capable to handle an emergency if we need to. We show that we can build and grow. We show that we are resilient!

Thankfully, with Hive, we can BUILD. If there ever needed to be PROOF that Hive can be used to change your life financially - it would be this.

5. The Goal is set and the strategy is apparent

I need to gather $1500, I have $250 in HBD savings. I need to get another $1250 and I have 5 weeks to do it in! I will need to sell Vouchers, SPS and packs to make up for whatever I do not make.

I will be making money in the form of HBD, Secondary Layer tokens and trying to sell and save things outside Hive to make up that R25,000($1500).

So the soft target at this stage is $250 per week. I think that selling Vouchers now cannot hurt much for I do not see a reason within the next few weeks that it should go up in price... or is there? Hmmm...

Because if it does not I can stick it into HBD Savings... We shall see!

I shall update this target as I go on. If you have any advice or suggestions, I will gladly listen.

Thank you for your attention and support!


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