Belated Hive PUD and some Silver Bloggers' housekeeping

1 July 2021 is a date I will not easily forget; everything was hunky-dory and I was going to do the #silverbloggers HivePUD, but that never happened due to an alarming episode which made me realize just How fragile life is as a Silver Blogger.

Fortunately things have settled in that respect, I'm on blood thinners and have chosen to make some slight lifestyle changes, but that's not what I'm talking about today, rather I'm explaining why I could not power up on time for July's Hive PUD (Power Up Day)!

Belated hive pud.png

HIVE Power Up Day

HivePUD is a project initiated by @streetstyle and first took place on 1 May 2019. This project is now managed by @traciyork, and supported by @hivebuzz. This is what they say:

Why participate in the Hive PUD?

  • For the community as a whole, it's a great way to show support for our blockchain home by staking (aka powering up) Hive and adding to its value.
  • In addition to making your own vote more valuable and adding to your curation rewards (as well as earning interest on your stake), you will also strengthen your influence on the blockchain.
  • On top of this, some amazing members of the Hive community are offering prizes that include delegations, Hive giveaways, and other cool stuff to the Hive PUD participants.

For more information about the next coming PUD (Power Up Day), look out for the next announcement post on @traciyork's blog.

Enhancing Silver Bloggers' Curation Rewards

We've made it clear from the beginning that our objective is to build our Silver Bloggers Hive Power for better curation rewards and which ultimately benefits the subscribers who publish in our community!

At the same time, we know that we're all part of the Hive community and all work together by powering up on the first day of the month, just like all the other buzzy bees in the Hive. Sadly, not this month!

Better late than never: Powering up the community account

Last month after powering up, we were 254.651 HP strong, and have managed to nearly double up as we now have 509.039 HP.

We powered up halfway through the month after buying Hive with our liquid HBD when Hive was at an all time low - again to maximize our curation rewards. This is not reflected in the figures below.

HivePUD Final.jpg

Housekeeping / Taking Stockings

We are currently sitting at 208 subscribers, with 93 active users and 347 interactions; not too shabby for an infant community especially considering that some think we're over the hill once the silver threads start appearing among the gold!

To demonstrate the magic of Hive, we may at times consider curating exceptional mature content by a subscriber who has not reached the magical age of 40+, and which we did in our most recent contest!

Our Marvelous Members


We have marvelous, giving members. Like @dandays who graciously returned his Sassy Silver Names prize of 5 Hive which I sponsored; I, in turn, transferred it to the community account.


The most charming couple here on Hive certainly are @farm-mom and @thebigsweed. Look what they did when they'd forgotten (something quite understandable for a #silverblogger) to set @hive-106316 as a 5% beneficiary (I've even done that at times!) on one of their posts into the community.


Delegations and delegators

We currently have 5,364 HP in delegations thanks to our awesome members. Special mentions to our newest delegator, @justclickindiva. All this means that while our account is sitting at a mere 509 of its very own HP at the time of writing, with the delegations, it has more than 5k HP with which we can support members!

Thank you.gif

OCD OOB - Our Outstanding Benefactors

OCD Logo.jpg

We are especially grateful for the delegation - just today, from @ocd-witness.

Thank you very much! Grazias! Nkosi! Merci! Baie Dankie

But that's not all: a special word of thanks to @ocd from the Silver Bloggers' team for their support of our most active Silver Bloggers' undervalued and quality posts.

Without this support and delegations - from every quarter - our growth certainly would have been stunted!


Hive divider black.png

Sassy Silver Names

Guys and dolls, do not forget to let us know if you'd like to have your own Sassy Silver community name. When we add your selected name in the community, your status changes from subscriber to member! Remember, you will only see your chosen nickname next to your Hive handle when you blog, here, in the Silver Bloggers Community.

Oh, and don't forget this week's #bow asks the question, What's with your name? Pop over, read the post and join the fun by telling us, what is with your name.

Hive divider black.png

Help to build the Silver Bloggers’ community

We’d like to be able to support our members and grow this community. Help us do this in one of two ways (or both):

  • add the community account to your fanbase so that you can autovote the Silver Bloggers community account (@hive-106316)
  • with a delegation which you can either do yourself from your wallet, or pick an amount from the table below.

Come and join our Silver Bloggers community


And, thank you in advance

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