Silver Bloggers

A community for retired and aspirant retiree bloggers, seasoned and wannabe crypto hodlers.

The Silver Bloggers’ community brings together young-at-heart kindred spirits and younger 'old souls'. The golden threads, in addition to a love of blogging and photography, are –

- a keenness to learn more about blockchain and crypto – we’re not digital natives – most of us were born before the PC was imagined; we ask “stoopid” questions

- a compulsion to share our life experiences for storage on the blockchain for our children and children’s children

- musings and memories of lives lived – the happy and the sad, the long and the short

- planning for life beyond formal work – from leisure and travel to second (or third…) careers, hobbies that can supplement pensions and just what keeps “un” working people busy

From time to time, we will run challenges. To suggest and/or run a challenge, please tag one of the administrators or moderators with your idea.


- English is preferred but if you use your home language an English translation is required.

- Original content only; plagiarism is not tolerated.

- Respect the intellectual property of everyone: free Images must be sourced.

- No copying and pasting or post recycling.

- Cross-posting is welcome if content fits with the community themes and the #silverbloggers is compulsory.

- No NSFW.

- Be kind. Personal attacks, bullying and meanness will not be tolerated.

- Accounts that break rules 2 and 7 will be muted and/or reported to Hivewatchers.

- That's all, folks! Have fun!

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