Silver Bloggers

A community for retired and soon-to-be retired 40plus bloggers as well as seasoned Crypto Hodlers.

Our objective is to bring together young at heart kindred spirits with a love of blogging and photography, keen to share life experiences and store it here for future generations and learn about Crypto.

Blogging on issues related to Retirement such as:

Forward Planning for that big day,

Suitable Projects and Hobbies that can be turned into a Micro-Business on Hive,

Basic Understanding of Cryptocurrencies,

Accommodation Options suited to your Twilight Years' Lifestyle.

Any other subject is welcome but we encourage members to still blog in specific communities that already exists eg Natural Medicine, FoodiesBeeHive, HaveYouBeenHere for travel etc etc.

Expect rewarding Challenges from time to time.


- Anyone 40 years or older.

- English content preferred; however if another language is used, English translation to be provided.

- No copying and pasting!

- Keep quotes to one phrase only.

- Cross-posting by members welcome if suitable content for this community - #silverbloggers is compulsory for cross-posting; we'd love to see your passions.

- No NSFW.

- Original Content only; Plagiarism is not tolerated and will get you muted.

- Please quote source if using Free Images; beware of Copyright.

- That's all for now folks, have fun!

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