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Author: @nestorgomez

Expectations about the Disney + Loki series and first episode review

Yesterday the series about the God of Deception was released, a production that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and tells us what happened after the character of Loki escaped with the tesseract as a result of what happened during the movie Avengers: Endgame , when the Tony Stark who traveled in time with Captain America and Ant-Man, in order to reverse what Thanos did, tried to sneak away with the Space Gem container, but was hit by a door abruptly opened For the Hulk, he released the Cube and it came within reach of Odin's adopted son, who used it to create a portal and flee out of the reach of his captors. In fact, it is precisely in that scene that this series begins, showing us what has led to the events that will be unleashed from then on.



5 L❤️VE Movies || 5 Películas de AM❤️R || @beatriche initiative

I don't consider myself a lover of the romantic genre, neither when it comes to cinema nor when it comes to literature, but I must admit that in many occasions there is something that asks me to watch this kind of movies and give me the consent to dream a little after watching one of them.I was browsing my HIVE feed and I came across this initiative created by beatriche where she invites us to talk about our 5 favorite romantic (or true love) movies. And although I thought it might be hard for me to answer, I was quite surprised by the fact that I do have several love movies that I love.



Palm Springs - Film Review [ESP/ENG]

I have always believed in the phrase "It's never too late to see a movie" (I'm even thinking of patenting it), but now I must use the one "It's never too late to recommend a movie" these two phrases come together for the first time in a publication of my authorship and I think that from this moment on I will use it much more, I finally decided to write about one of the best films of last year, a surprise because it was funny, well acted and very well written because it unites many factors that have been seen in other films, but as I also think the little originality in movies can be counteracted if it is used in a good way and that is what happened in this story.



Family Man- Best of 2021!

Hello movies and tv shows lovers. It's always refreshing to write about entertainment.
There is a huge speculations and good ones about the show called.Family man- Season 2I have noticed mostly Hollywood shows and movies get's fair share of space over here, But breaking the monotony I am here to present some really interesting Bollywood thriller.



MEGAMIND. Review and impressions [Eng--Spa]

Megamente is a film released in 2010, under the direction of Tom McGrat. Its genre is animation and comedy. This movie grabs you from the beginning, because it not only makes you laugh, but it leaves you important lessons. With a duration of 96 minutes, it manages to explain through its plot, how the environment in which a human being develops and the upbringing to which he was subjected influences his personality. In addition to this, it also addresses valuable topics such as friendship, the change that a human being can experience when empowered and the birth of romance from an exact knowledge between two people, who at first do not seem to have anything in common.



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