Nerd By Northwest #283 – “Bachelor Pad”

Nothing sadder than the average bachelor's fridge...

Nerd By Northwest #283 – “Bachelor Pad”
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Is there anything that screams "bachelor fridge" more than a collection of those little fast food ketchup & taco sauce packets? 😏

When I was single, I actually did make some small effort to make my apartments livable. Yeah there was often some degree of clutter (...he says, glancing over at the chaotic state of his desk...), but I kept the bathroom & toilet clean enough, I didn't use discarded furniture from the curb, and I drew the line at leaving food garbage out. I even had decent food in my fridge, as I was partial to cooking in order to save money. I wasn't aiming for having a really nice place... just a halfway decent one that didn't send ladies running away screaming in disgust 😉. You know, at least better than the bachelor average. Or at least what I THOUGHT the average was.

Then I went to Arizona to go back to school for my engineering degree, where I saw dozens more dorm rooms & bachelor apartments. Turns out, the bar for 'average' was not just low... it was down where the pigs play in the mud! I remember one room so bad that the only part of the floor not covered in soda cans and food wrappers was a little path between the door and the beanbag where the guy played his Xbox.

So what's YOUR nightmare bachelor pad story? Put 'em in the comments below... I can always use the material! 😁

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