Nerd By Northwest #282 – “Dirty Jobs”

Good intentions, bad assumptions...

Nerd By Northwest #282 – “Dirty Jobs”
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Yes, most Alaskan fishing charters I know of typically arrange for gutting & cleaning their clients' catch (especially helpful when dealing with those monster-sized halibut!). Yet most of the fishing I did was on my own near my dad's house, so I seldom had that luxury. Yes, that memory of catching my first fish all by my lonesome is pretty vivid... as is the memory of cleaning it. I brought the fish into the house, shouting to my dad, "look what I caught!". This was before the days of helicopter parenting, so his response was something like, "Great! Now you get to clean it". After very briefly covering the basics of it, he promptly went back to his newspaper.

I'm not particularly squeamish, but I admit that first time was a bit nasty. But like Jen, I pushed through it and eventually got the job done. I'm not so sure the average American kid these days (or even some Millennials around Jen's age) has the nerve for it, though. Comfortable living has made us way too soft. I mean, there are actually grown adults out there who exclusively eat processed chicken nuggets & tenders over chicken thighs & drumsticks because "the bones are icky". 🙄

Which is why when I finally get the chance to take my kids fishing, I'm gonna be insisting they clean what they catch. I won't be totally hands-off though. After all, proximity to fish heads & guts combined with my son's proclivity for tormenting his little sister make some adult supervision a must... 😏

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