3 Popular Variants of Instant Coffee at Indonesia

In my previous writing, I have noted that at the time of covid-19, coffee was a promising venture. In fact, the Indonesian packaged coffee industry has some promising potential. According to data compiled, throughout 2021, coffee consumption for some people will increase due to the pandemic.


According to data from the Ministry of Trade Indonesian, instant coffee ranks as the second highest processed food export in Indonesia in 2020. Some time ago I bought 3 instant coffees that are widely purchased in Indonesia. Among them are "Kapal Api Coffee", "Good Day Coffee" and "Kopiko". 3 flavors to be the most distinctive taste of Indonesia.


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Good Day Coffee

In 2000, the brand introduced instant coffee with ready-to-use 3 in 1 drinks. It has been supplemented with sugar and cream. Very practical when brewed, this brand continues to innovate by releasing many variants. To finally bring out the coffee that is ready to drink. More of these ready-to-drink packages are being sold in Indonesia. The packaging is much more practical to drink.


This brand has two ways to pack ready-to-drink, namely plastic bottles and cardboard. Both are recommended to be drunk cold. It is one of the most popular coffee brands in Indonesia. Besides being cheap and practical, the choices are very varied. This coffee is very attractive, because of its sophisticated packaging so many young people enjoy it


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I bought the mochacino variant. For taste, I think the coffee is too sweet. For those of you who are on a diet, coffee has a fairly high concentration of calories, which is 140 kcal. The fat content in coffee is 2.5 grams. The amount of carbohydrates contained in the drink amounted to 26 grams.


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Kapal Api

This brand has a very long history in Indonesia. Started in 1920 with the brand Hap Hoo Tjan in Surabaya. This coffee is a "go" family business which is sold in all areas in Surabaya to the "Tanjung Perak" port. This coffee has customers around the port, so it is often called by the name of Kapal Api coffee.


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Since this coffee is a family business, this coffee is back from a broken concession. However, in 1979 the son of one of the coffee shop founders founded PT Santos Jaya Abadi. The goal is to save the family coffee business. As a result, this coffee became a bestseller. And get their own space for their customers.


Exactly in 2020, this coffee released the latest ready-to-drink coffee packaging. This coffee retains its title as solid black coffee. So for ready-to-drink coffee, this brand issues real black coffee. The calorie content in coffee is very low, up to 35 kilos. The fat in coffee is quite low - one gram. And coffee carbohydrates go up to five grams.



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This brand are the first coffee candy in Indonesia. Kopiko is the pioneer of coffee candy in Indonesia. It has been more than 35 years that this coffee candy has accompanied the people of Indonesia. In fact, this brand has exported to more than 80 countries around the world. Recently, Kopiko had appeared in one of Vincent's Korean dramas. This makes the Indonesian people proud of this achievement.


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I'm not talk about that much, I'm going to talk about the coffee I bought. I bought ready-to-drink coffee with Thai coffee taste. This coffee is so thick and creamy. This coffee consists of specially roasted and blended coffee. This is done to produce a good and strong Thai coffee.



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Bonus Picture



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