Coffee and camping at Ablayan Peak!


Dealing with the new normal can be a little depressing. I miss travelling without the fear of being sick. I miss to show physical affection to my friends. I miss the busy malls with kids. I miss everything that I once had taken for granted.

Now, I only travel to less crowded people - the mountains! Although there is an increasing number of hikers and campers during this pandemic, it still is a better place to unwind and breathe some fresh air.

By the way, I've been meaning to share with all of you our coffee date with my husband. There are a lot of places that we have been into. There are a lot of experiences that had molded me, my husband and our relationship to become who we are now. So here's another coffee story for you. And I'm taking you with me to Ablayan Peak!


I and my husband loves camping. And during campings, we always stay late at night for some romantic star gazing. (Yeah that green tent is lighting up to add to the mood. We just used a flashlight inside the tent and took a 20-second shutter.) We enjoyed chatting about the most absurd moments we went through in the past. And we managed to stay awake until midnight just talking about our future and how much we like coffee! Yeah we go crazy about coffee! This was one of the most magical nights we spent together.


Morning came fast and sun was already greeting us a very good morning. And when I peeked through the zipper of the tent, I saw my husband preparing for our morning coffee. Believe me when I say, he had me craving for the coffee he makes!


I thank God for giving me a husband that has completely the same taste as I am - the bitter taste of coffee. Aside from that, we both love photography as well. Combining coffee, photography, and camping is the most effective love spell for me. He had casted me a love spell that will never wear off in this lifetime.

Having coffee with the people I love is what makes bitter coffee tastes sweeter. The time I share with them becomes the most important memory I have. So if I ask you out for coffee and/or make you some, then that means I treasure you.

I and Peter, my husband, share the same thought so we often make coffee for each other and for our friends. And if our daughter's in the right age, we'll introduce coffee to her. If she won't like it, then maybe we'll just tell her our coffee stories.


Coffee as an expression of love comes out naturally when I got to know Peter. It's like we've been looking for each other our whole lives. I feel like he's been my lover in my past life. Hahahaha!

I know that's way too cheesy! So that's for today! Goodbye for now fellas! Til next "coffee-session".


Nikka Mededa, the author

I am an engineer, a mother, an aspiring photographer, and also a blogger. A workaholic mom who found its comfort through brewing coffee and making home-cooked meals. I write and read a lot but I think I collect books even more. And there’s nothing more fulfilling than finally ticking off the books my reading list. Hopefully, one day!

I really love to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an author and so here I am, in my little corner in the blockchain. I hope you had a good read and check out more here ---> @nikkabomb. Lovelots.

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