Sustainable coffee machine at the Finnish pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020

Breathing and coffee, what is the connection? Expo 2020 at Dubai showed off some very interesting new technological advancements that could be (and maybe should be) implemented in our daily use. A lot of new technology revolving sustainable energy and recycling has been put on display in all of the countries' pavilions.


One corner of Finland's vast pavilion was extremely inviting. The aroma of coffee had many like myself gravitate towards it. There stood a coffee machine with paper cups neatly stacked but no coffee. I wondered if I was to prepare the coffee myself but then again I do not know how to operate the machine. Not long after the noisy chatter made its way to my head and I realized this was something special. On the wall behind the coffee machine was a sign that read "Coffee from Co2". Interesting, isn't it?


The crowd was huge. So excuse the picture quality since I had to capture everything in 3x zoom and more. Also, the lighting was not very helpful. But this newly heard idea of coffee from co2 really kept me interested. The presentation would be done every half hour so I waited among the crowd to see what this new invention had to offer.

image.pngMatis arrived almost like clockwork. He would be doing the presentation and enlightening us. A charming guy with a great sense of humour. He planned on walking us through this new coffee machine that focuses on giving us the best caffeinated experience while also using sustainable energy from Co2.

The machine was incredibly special. Matis told us that the coffee beverages made from this machine would use the CO2 we breath out. The CO2 in the room would produce coffee for us. I was thrilled. The crowd was excited. I think this is an incredible machine. Think of all the crowded coffee shops around the world and how much electricity is used to fulfil the overwhelming orders.

I am confident that a huge percentage of coffee shops around the world do not use a form of sustainable energy to run their business. This machine could turn the tides. The main instrument of a coffee shop could use the very CO2 exhaled by the customers to concoct a great drink. Think two birds one stone.


While Matis spoke to us about the machine, the barista had already started laying coffee in the cup powder bowl, smothered it, flattened it and had laid the paper cups on the tray. The portafilter was at word before Matis was half way done. Incredible!!

I thought since the machine was using CO2 and not conventional electricity it would have taken longer than a conventional coffee machine. But it was seamless. The machine uses our CO2 and an internal system turns the gas into a sort of bio-fuel which produces enough energy to make the drink. And by the time Matis had said all this, the coffee was ready.

Later Matis held a quiz for the audience and whoever answered correctly won a cup of coffee from the sustainable coffee machine! I am thoroughly charmed by this coffee machine and can't wait to see it roll out in Dubai's coffee shops and hopefully around the world.

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