Spesial Gift From My Friend : Arabica Long Berry Coffee from Gayo – Aceh.

A Cup of Cofee



Hello everyone and Community

How are you all ? I hope we all enjoy and happy to live earlier this week. For the beginning, of the week full of activities and work of course we need a cup of coffee a steady and qualified. I was worried, because the stock of specialty coffee beans that I have been out in days last week. Lucky, this afternoon I get a specialty coffee from my friend.

Long Berry Coffee


Today, I get something special from my friend. My friend, just back from Gayo-Aceh and brought me an expensive gift. Usually, we will get souvenirs such as key chains, t-shirts, or snack. But, this time my friend was giving me, 1 kg of green bean coffee. This is not the kind of green bean coffee, because that was given to me is a type of arabica long berry coffee.

left long berry, right green bean

Long berry coffee is a type of coffee that is shaped flattened long and wide, the shape of the seed is greater than the other coffee. This classification is only naming and makes the process of roasting cooked evenly, more uniform and add value to the economy.

Long berry coffee is usually obtained from the varieties of arabica abbsyna, which is planted in several places in the Gayo Highlands. To get the kind of long berry coffee need sorting is done manually by humans, because not all of the yields of the varieties abbsyna produce long berry coffee, only around 40-60% of which have the size of length and can be processed into long berry coffee. Because the selection process is long and gradually make the price of this coffee to be expensive.

V60 Manual Brewing


Because this coffee I get in conditions of still shaped green bean, I went straight to roasting coffee. After roasting, I could smell the aroma of coffee is very strong, the physical form and the color of coffee is very uniform. This is a sign, the process of harvesting coffee by farmers is very well done.

After I arrived at home, I can't wait to try this coffee. During the pandemic covid-19, I don't have long to get long berry coffee with a good quality, this time I get directly from my friend who had access to the coffee farmers in the Gayo Mountain Hills.

I tried to brew the coffee beans with the manual method of brewing V60. My goal, brew with this method is to get a coffee which is clean without any oil that comes out, and obtain the characters of flavor and stronger aroma.


I brew coffee using a ratio of 1:15 (coffee:water), if I use 15 grams of coffee, I am using 225 ml of water. Brewing Technic that I use is the technique of tree-step.


Don't forget, when brewing coffee we make the process of blooming, which gives a little bit of water to the coffee grounds to remove residual carbon dioxide in the coffee beans. The process of blooming, can reduce the acidity which is not desirable. Blooming process is the phase of the brew I like most, because the aroma of coffee will be strong when brewed water and coffee powder looks fluffy like a flower.


About Taste

Long berry coffee has a uniq flavor with the main characteristic aroma of spices, the taste is complex strong of fruit flavors . Long berry has had a viscosity (body) medium with soft acidity. I could feel a slight scent of fresh nuts and flowers, the after taste of coffee is there is a fresh spicy taste accompanied by a sense of caramel powerful.

Long berry coffee have a variety of specialty coffee, delicious, no aroma or taste of the other interrupt. This coffee has the character of the original and feels very comfortable when drunk. One of the things I like of this coffee, is the sensation of after taste is long enough and continue to stick to the wall of the mouth.

Are you interested in trying long berry coffee ? I with in addition to in-Gayo-Aceh, varieties of coffee is also grown in some african countries like Ethiopia.

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Call me Isdarmady, because I have a full name that is very long, namely Isdarmady Syahputra Ritonga. I am a head of the family who work as Farmers Vegetables Hydroponic and Consultant Hydroponics, sometimes I also sell coffee from various regions in Indonesia.
I have expertise dispensing coffee with a variety of techniques and tools brewing, because I have the desire to make a coffee shop with hydroponics as centerpieces. Help me realize that dream.

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