Dum Dum Thai Drinks


Coffee, tea, or fruit juice? What about the three? That's a good idea, even if you can't drink it all at once. At least on a super hot day in the area I live, I'll have a stock of drinks into the night for some fun.

Actually, the three drink choices are the result of considering the many choices of drinks from various beverages shops available in the “Grab Food” application that I use.


I chose to buy the three drinks from the “Dum Dum Thai Drinks” outlet in a downtown mall. They only have one outlet in my city.

Dum Dum Thai Drinks


This brand with an elephant logo that reminds us of Thailand, is actually not from a brand from Thailand. “Dum Dum Thai Drinks” originates from Indonesia and was very popular a few years ago, before Boba Drink and Dalgona Coffee became popular today.

The brand focuses on providing quality tea drinks imported from Thailand. Previously they were known for their "Thai Tea" products, but now they have many variations of their products that are also worth enjoying.




Although not as popular as it used to be, “Dum Dum Thai Drinks” is still in demand. Including me, who still remembers the authentic taste of their brand of tea, I bought it for the first time when I was in Jakarta.

Let's see what I ordered today!


Dumdum Coconut Coffee

The drink menu variants of "Dum Dum Thai Drinks" are quite diverse, ranging from tea, coffee, fruit juices with various interesting mixtures of ingredients. They also play on the visual side of the display of the final drink to attract more consumers. Also for a good digital marketing factor.


For coffee, I chose the coconut milk series. In this menu series, some drinks are mixed with coconut milk. So, coconut coffee managed to get my attention. That's because I really like everything about coconut, including coconut milk.

This is also the first time I ordered a variant of coffee mixed with coconut milk. Before this, I've only ordered coffee mixed with coconut water, from a different brand.

Coconut Milk Coffee Flavor


Dumdum Coconut Coffee has a more dominant coconut milk flavor than the coffee itself in my opinion. Quality coconut milk has a distinctive fragrance and it rivals the fragrance of the coffee powder in the drink.

Overall, I like the drink. Feels unique and authentic. The thing that must be considered by the brand is the quality of coconut milk. If it's not really fresh, even if it's only slightly shifted from the coconut milk's expiration date, it will make the taste and smell of this drink worse.


Dumdum Coconut Coffee has the most expensive price compared to the other two drinks that I bought. For IDR 28K around USD 2.

Black Tea Macchiato




The thing that caught my eye when I ordered this tea variant was the slightly reddish-orange color typical of Thai tea.

This is the variant of “Dum Dum Thai Drinks” which I like the most among the other two drinks I ordered.


The tea they use tastes unique in character and that of course I can't get when I make my own at home. Due to the different types of tea.

Black Tea Macchiato for IDR 20K, around USD 1.42.

Limeade Pineapple Crush




The last drink I chose was Limeade Pineapple Crush. This is also the first time I feel "Limeade". I was curious what it would taste like so decided to buy it.

If I usually enjoy Lemonade, how about Limeade mixed with crushed pineapple crush? Well, it tastes good. But not as good as the original Lemonade. The combination of limeade and pineapple makes the overall taste too sour on the tongue.

Limeade Pineapple Crush for IDR 27K, around USD 1.92.


Those were the three drinks that I ordered from one of the famous franchise drink brand in Indonesia. The extreme heat in the area where I live makes me crazy about cold drinks. At least that's enough to cool my head.

Black Tea Macchiato and Coconut Milk Coffee did not disappoint. But if there is a chance to try another brand, I will choose another brand to save money also to share a different experience with you.

Well, but I wouldn't refuse it if it was treated by a friend. :)


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All pictures were taken with iPhone 11.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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