Kopi Tuku; My Favorite Milk Coffee That I Ever Taste


Hello, coffee lovers!
Do you love to drink milk coffee?

Drinking coffee has become a routine for many people, including me. In the past, I loved drinking coffee sachets and brewing them myself at home. At that time, Iced coffee sachets are my favorite drink. Growing up, I started to try another milk coffee in coffee shops, one of them was Kopi Tuku.

Did you know? Tuku in Javanese language is “Buy”, but I still don’t know why the owner gave the name for their business. Maybe, with that name, the owner wants people to buy Kopi Tuku again and again, more and more. And it happened to me.

On the first taste, my crush bought me a signature coffee of Kopi Tuku, it is Kopi Susu Tetangga (Neighbour Milk Coffee). I also didn’t know the philosophy of the name of the menu. At that time, I tasted the milk coffee similar to the other coffee that I tasted before. But, after the second time or more, I’m falling in love with the taste.


For me, Kopi Susu Tetangga has a rich taste of espresso and is creamy from the milk. It makes the taste much more savory.

The Outlet of Toko Kopi Tuku



One day, on the weekend, I ordered their one liter of bottle Kopi Susu Tetangga. But, I also visited their outlet because they’re not available for delivery. The outlet was so instagramable, but they were also not available for dine-in and only for takeaway.

There not only provides the Kopi Susu Tetangga’s menu but there are also several other menus that you can order like Americano, Latte, Macchiato, or non-coffee. There are also several variants of cake slices that can be a snack for friends to drink coffee. On that day, I also bought a carrot cake, but because it was placed in a paper bag, the shape was ruined. So, I chose not to take a pic of the cake.

I will tell you that this will be my favorite menu. I always order this menu when I’m at the office. My friend loves this coffee too.

So, do you want to taste it?


Disclaimer: I haven't tried all the milk coffee in Indonesia.

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