Heatsmith reward day... 4/6 chests had these RATS in them?!


Card Rewards

To be sure, this was yesterday's quest reward, but I am waiting for my day's quest to come up again.

And no, I really don't mind getting rewarded in Venari Heatsmiths. it was just a crazy fluke that I got so MANY of the same card all at once. I think the other one that I see a lot of are Gargoya Lions.

So the above was my reward for the 7th of April. Let's check the others...

6th of April

Venari Seedsmith is Rare, Gargoya Lion and then some DEC and a Potion.

After the new season started and I was still climbing Silver to get back to Gold.

Epic card Uraeus! Plus a HUGE whack of DEC and a potion.

If I go back any further than that I am actually heading into the previous season so old news already.



Today, at the time of this writing SPS is at $0.111
I was recently able to go over my goal of 10,000 SPS staked, now sitting pretty on 10,228SPS. Awesome!


Card Values

A little while ago @irisworld and I were talking about checking in one year later on certain cards and what their values would be then. But I think that it would be great to start tracking the values of some of these cards as we go along and track them myself!

So straight off the bat, let's go for the Rat who this post is named for:

Venari Heatsmith


Currently one of the cheapest cards in the game at the moment. Running at a whopping $0.021, buying one straight from www.splinterlands.com it costs a mere 12.6 DEC. So I bought one... another one... I have a lot of them, but this one is now mine. haha.
Why? Well, I have not got a Level 10 Venari Heatsmith yet and also... the cheapest Untamed era Reward Card is the Harvester at $0.11, the cheapest Dice card is Marrow's Ghost at $0.24, the cheapest Untamed card right now is Biceratops at $0.28, the cheapest Beta era reward card is the Baby Unicorn at $0.33, the cheapest Beta card is a Silvershield Warrior at $0.41 and the cheapest Alpha card is a Silvershield Warrior at $2.85.

Thus it stands to reason that when Riftwatchers comes out later towards the middle or end of the year (who knows?) then there will be a new $0.02 card and there will the Venari Heatsmith along with its price-buddies, the Gargoya Lion and the Pelacor Deceiver will all top out above $0.10 and then go beyond.

As soon as these things hit out of print, they go up. Simple facts.

So that's a minimum of 5x on the 12.5 DEC that I just spent that I also just gain by winning 2 games in Gold 3. So... play to earn for the win!

All I will do now in the next post is update some of these and after a week or three, we will be able to make some cool graphs!

Cheers for now!

Credits to @freeztag for the divider!



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