Splinterlands- Maximizing your deck

For almost 3 weeks I have been distracted by @Splinterlands. The SPS airdrop started 18 days ago and so did @peakmonsters new rental system.

My Splinterland History

I really enjoy collecting and strategy games. I play Pokemon Go on a daily basis (if you play let me know so we can be friends!). The thought of owning my cards was a big factor in me buying Splinterland cards.

My main goal was to have a really good set of Alpha cards. I want to save them for 20-30 years and when it makes a come back I will have awesome Alphas to sell at a premium price.

Since I have such a strong collection of Alpha cards I only have a few unique and fun Beta cards.

I have 4 Promo cards, which is fun! Especially Shin-lo.

I have a descent amount of Untamed cards that I got from the Kickstarter and purchasing some good ones.

I played quite a bit when Steemmonsters Splinterlands first came out and have quite a few Reward cards.

In the videos below I am going to talk about how to maximize your deck by combining, selling and renting which I am doing right now with my Rewards and Untamed cards.

Maximizing your deck


I give a brief overview of my cards and walk you through combining and renting out Manticore.


For Mushroom Seer and Creeping Ooze it made sense to rent the cards.

When it makes most sense to sell the cards and how to do it. I sold a level 1 Gremlin Blaster and Screetching Vulture.

Thank You!

A huge THANK YOU to @peakmosters for building such a great interface. I am excited to be renting out my cards and getting more DEC and in turn getting more SPS. The compounding that is possible is insane to think about!

@soyrosa it was so fun to see your post yesterday about Splinterlands and the comments from some of the other early adopters @photogames players like @r00sj3 and @bil.prag.

I will be doing a few more videos about researching your cards, and using the Check Rentals Market to make sure you are renting for the best prices.

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